Schimel’s press conference

Michelle Schimel and Jose Peralta are going to have a press conference this afternoon.  They are hoping to get some political mileage out of the recent bunch of shootings as a way to push microstamping.  That’s not likely to happen for no other reason than the state legislature is in recess and is not going to come back just to deal with her pet issue.

Meanwhile, Mayor Mike is busy bashing the NYCLU for opposing the over the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy which the courts don’t like:

“… “Let’s be clear: the NYCLU’s priority is not protecting our safety. It is protecting their ideology,” he said. “And in that regard, they are no better than the NRA. “One group views the Second Amendment in absolutist terms; the other group views the Fourth Amendment in absolutist terms. Both groups, I think, are dangerously wrong on the Constitution,” he added. “The right to bear arms and the right to privacy do not trump the right of citizens to walk down their own street, or walk down their own hallway, without getting blown away.” …”

There’s that damn Constitution getting in the way again.

Of course, these people have been pretty quiet about the NYPD officers running illegal gun smuggling operation and the drug addict who stole guns to pay off his pusher.  That’s not part of the antigun narrative.

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  1. Emanuel and Bloomberg disarmed their law-abiding citizens and thereby empowered their criminals. They now reap what they had sown.

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