Rats leaving sinking ship

First Long Island RINO who voted for SAFE is jumping ship:

Sen. Charles Fuschillo Jr., a key member of the Long Island Senate delegation since 1998 and influential Republican lawmaker, will soon resign to take a private-sector job, sources confirmed Tuesday.  The departure of Fuschillo, 53, (R-Merrick) immediately makes his Nassau County district one of the most crucial swing districts for control of the state Senate elections in 2014.  Fuschillo is expected to step down soon, sources said, leaving the possibility of a special election to fill his slot …”

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Quoted in Troy Record

I was interviewed by a NYSNYS News reporter yesterday and it made it into today’s Troy Record:

“…  “People know that registration leads to confiscation,” Jacob Rieper, a spokesman for the NYS Rifle and Pistol Association, referring to the portion of the law that requires anyone possessing a military style assault rifle on January 15 register it by April 15.  Failure to do so is a misdemeanor.  But Rieper and other gun-rights advocates predict that many owners will run the risk, which may not be much of a gamble if their belief holds true that local police, sheriffs and the State Police will not go out of their way to aggressively enforce the law … Gun rights advocates are in federal court in Buffalo to overturn the law.  Rieper said that the judge has indicated he will rule based on court filings rather than oral arguments, and was cognizant of the looming registration deadline …”

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Steve not running

Steve McLaughlin isn’t going to be running for Governor next year:

“… Upstate Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, who for months considered seeking the GOP nomination for governor, has concluded, “It’s unlikely that I’m going to run.”  McLaughlin, one of Cuomo’s sharpest critics and a leader of the upstate opposition to his anti-gun SAFE Act, cited fund-raising difficulties as the main reason for his decision …”

A shame, but this was never really in the cards.  He’s going to have to settle with having the best Twitter feed in the state legislature.

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NYSRPA lawsuit update

Here is the latest on the NYSRPA lawsuit against the SAFE Act. Do not read anything pro or con into the Judge’s order as it is common practice to make decisions based upon the briefs rather than verbal arguments. To date we have spent $426,000 on this lawsuit. The machine gun shoot raffle benefiting the legal defense fund runs through December 31st so there is still time to get in on it.  Otherwise, donations can be made through the general link.


On November 22, 2013, Plaintiffs requested a hearing on the pending motions.

But given the breadth and thoroughness of the briefing by the parties and amici already submitted to this Court, it is prepared to resolve the pending motions without a hearing. Further, this Court is fully cognizant of the impending deadlines instituted by the SAFE Act and the possible effects those deadlines may have on the public and government administration. Therefore, considering both that the issues have been comprehensively briefed and that various deadlines imposed by the Act will soon take effect, this Court will issue a decision on the merits in advance of the deadline dates.


Issued by William M. Skretny, Chief Judge on 12/23/2013.

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Trump follies

Donald Trump is not going to run for Governor.  The only reason his name has been floated by some GOP operatives is because he is wealthy enough to self-finance a campaign.

Being an attention whore, Trump himself will flirt with the idea in the media, but in the end won’t do it.  All this shows is how intellectually and financially bankrupt the state Republicans have become.

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Don’t even think about it


“Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) said Sunday there is a 50-50 chance he will run for president in 2016 …”

People want this as much as they did Rick Lazio to run for Governor back in ’08.

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Astorino looking at 2014

On Rob Astorino exploring a gubernatorial run next year:

“… Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, who is exploring a run for governor next year, has no interest in being Cuomo’s sacrificial lamb, state Conservative Party Michael Long said.  “He told me several weeks ago if he doesn’t raise the money or can’t put an organization together, he won’t jump in the pool,” Long said. “He told me he wasn’t into a suicide mission.” …”

The question I have is does Ed Cox plan to run any serious campaigns next year for Governor, Attorney General, state legislature, etc.  Right now I would say the answer is no, he doesn’t.

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The Bloomberg Party

Adam Brodsky has an idea, “How Bloomberg can save NYC now“:

“Everyone’s got a suggestion for Michael Bloomberg’s future, now that he’s stepping down.  Well, here’s one he’s not likely to consider — but should: create a genuine two-party system in New York by building a credible Republican Party …”

A bold idea that has its pluses and minuses.

On the plus side is his money, which is the lifeblood of politics especially under our Tammany system of government.  If Bloomberg were genuinely interested in having open political discussion of ideas he could certainly use his fortune to help bankroll opposition candidates to the leftist machine.

On the minus side is with his money comes a price: allegiance to Bloomberg.   He’s spend a lot of his own money pushing various pet issues like gun control and I cannot see him doing this without putting conditions on candidates.  It would be less of the Grand Old Party and more of the Bloomberg Party.

At this point it is all academic as I have seen no indication he is interested in going this route.

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns is merging with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

It is nothing to get excited about, just a reshuffling of the same old astroturf.   It’s the same as when the Brady Campaign took over the Million Mom March back in the day.  Antigunners, and leftists in general, do this every so often as a way of keeping their issues fresh.

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Off the deep end with Senator Klein

Jeff Klein decided to respond to our response to his outburst last week:

“Tom King’s remarks are despicable and have no place in the court of public opinion. For him to claim that our state’s watershed gun control laws are somehow making women more vulnerable to sexual attacks is downright abhorrent. If Tom King was actually serious about protecting women, he would have joined me back in 2003 when I championed the repeal of the statute of limitations for rape prosecutions. Every credible statistic proves that smart gun control legislation like the SAFE Act effectively reduces gun crimes. I invite Tom King to come down to the Bronx anytime to meet the mothers, fathers, and children who are devastated by gun crimes almost every day.”

What possessed him to do this is beyond me.  All it does is diminish his own stature even more then his first outburst did.

Several points:

  1. He ignores claims by NOW that reported rapes are up.  He has too, they contradict his assertion that SAFE has made everyone safer.
  2. He’s never asked for an opinion on any of his bills, let alone one from 10 years ago which was unrelated to gun issues.  For the sake of argument, let’s assume it was a great piece of legislation.  According to his own description, it dealt with rape prosecutions, not rape prevention which is the core of our argument.  Typical leftist tactic of trying to change the subject.
  3. He claims that “every credible statistic” backs up his original statement that SAFE is good, but fails to provide any collaborating information, then contracts himself the next sentence.
  4. How can there be people “devastated by gun crimes almost every day” if SAFE is working just like he says it is in the previous sentence?
  5. Other legislators as well as NOW-NYC and NYAGV aren’t rushing to Klein’s defense.
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