Steve not running

Steve McLaughlin isn’t going to be running for Governor next year:

“… Upstate Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, who for months considered seeking the GOP nomination for governor, has concluded, “It’s unlikely that I’m going to run.”  McLaughlin, one of Cuomo’s sharpest critics and a leader of the upstate opposition to his anti-gun SAFE Act, cited fund-raising difficulties as the main reason for his decision …”

A shame, but this was never really in the cards.  He’s going to have to settle with having the best Twitter feed in the state legislature.

5 thoughts on “Steve not running

  1. Sometimes things happen for a reason, it may not be his time yet. However, maybe next time around things might be different. As Steve gets his name out more in the next 4 years, he might be a force to reckon with. I am a realist and unfortunately Cumhole is going to a presence for another four years. I feel sickened to say it Jacob but even you have been around long enough to know the writing is on the wall. I hope Cumhole implodes with the new NYC mayor.

    I think when he realizes that there is someone more communist than him, he might and I say the words “MIGHT” see the error of his ways. This akin to when Darth Vader realizes that the emperor is really a piece of u know what and destroys him. Maybe that is what Cumhole needs internally………or not!

    Your thoughts Jacob?

  2. Sorry for the non-sequeter here but. Good fucking riddens to 2013, and hoping next year will be as great for us as 2013 was absolutely fucking terrible!

  3. I think Cuomo realizes that he’s messed up and will never be President, but he will never admit this in public.

  4. Another thought about Cumhole (I like that name for him) is that IF we get a good outcome, he MAY not appeal for 2 reasons. One is that it will, at least temporarily, make it “go away”. The other is they will want to wait until we lose SCOTUS (G-D forbid) with just one more commie fraud replacing just one of the honest justices. Thats all they need. Then (G-D forbid) its all over for everything (not just 2A)!

  5. Its a sham and shame that you need a million dollar bankroll just to take on these political pundants….so much for reform….

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