NYSRPA lawsuit update

Here is the latest on the NYSRPA lawsuit against the SAFE Act. Do not read anything pro or con into the Judge’s order as it is common practice to make decisions based upon the briefs rather than verbal arguments. To date we have spent $426,000 on this lawsuit. The machine gun shoot raffle benefiting the legal defense fund runs through December 31st so there is still time to get in on it.  Otherwise, donations can be made through the general link.


On November 22, 2013, Plaintiffs requested a hearing on the pending motions.

But given the breadth and thoroughness of the briefing by the parties and amici already submitted to this Court, it is prepared to resolve the pending motions without a hearing. Further, this Court is fully cognizant of the impending deadlines instituted by the SAFE Act and the possible effects those deadlines may have on the public and government administration. Therefore, considering both that the issues have been comprehensively briefed and that various deadlines imposed by the Act will soon take effect, this Court will issue a decision on the merits in advance of the deadline dates.


Issued by William M. Skretny, Chief Judge on 12/23/2013.

24 thoughts on “NYSRPA lawsuit update

  1. New York State was the first in the nation to pass the most ridiculous peas of legislation that I have seen in the 33 years that I have lived in NY… I hope and pray that New York is the first State in the nation to get this nonsense thrown out!! Cuomo, you have nowhere to go with this one!!! Eat it!!!!!!!!

  2. At least the good news Jacob is we won’t have to wait long. The bad news is the wait will feel like a hundred years. Interesting the Tresmond lawsuit is also coming to fruition in January. These lawsuits coming in quick timing is very good news at least on that end. however, the decision is what is going to drive my acid reflux disease into high gear and probably others. You guys @ NYSPRA and the Tresmonds do know how to keep the suspense…it’s like gearing up the season final of the Walking Dead…LOL!!

    Thanks Jacob for the update..keep them coming!

  3. 426k for legal fees? Would it be cheaper to just hire your own attorney to work for you? That way he is on call for sny lawsuits we need to file?

  4. Absolutely the best. As always, the rule about getting what you pay for RULES. This is worth the investment, which is why I continue to invest in NYSRPA.

  5. In my humble opinion, if we lose (G-D forbid) it will NOT have been Mr. Halbrook’s fault. He has a perfect air tight case based on the 2A and the precedent of recent SCOTUS decisions (Heller, et all). It would be due to an absolute corruption of the judicial branch perpetrated by (of course) the “progressives” at the turn of the last century with the emergence of “interest balancing”. Holmes, Brandeis, and Stone, lauded by the left as (progressive) heroes, are the perpetrators of this fraud. This confers upon the judiciary absolute power not limited by the law (or to the adjudication of the law – or anything else for that matter) to determine all public policy. It is a destruction of the balance of powers. Justice Sotomayor once “slipped” and publicly affirmed this. So our system of “law” is no longer constrained by any body of law (the constitution) but comes down from a “wise Latina” and whatever the fuck the other ones call themselves. In my humble opinion, if a fundamental right can be “burdened” by an (arbitrary) “compelling interest of the government” (which always has a compelling interest in absolute power) IT IS NO RIGHT AT ALL! Hoping Judge Skretney is an honorable man.

  6. Seeing that we lost the case in reference to the assualt weapons ban. Does anyone know what the outcome is for ammo purchases. Was the portion of the law upheld that we must have background checks to purchase ammo and cannot purchase online?

  7. I cant believe this judge based some of his evidence on mother jones articles and mayors against illegal guns, additionally i dont know how he upheld the ammo restrictions when its clearly a violation of the commerce clause and unnecessarily financially burdens law abiding gun owners, they’re essentially allowing only the wealthy to purchase ammo at insane prices.

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