Under 50%

Some good news: Cuomo’s popularity continues to decline.  State of Politics reports:

“… For the first time ever, Cuomo’s job performance rating has slipped just below the magic 50 percent number – a development that comes as he prepares to seek re-election next fall.   Cuomo saw a slight drop in his favorability rating, a small drop in his “re-elect” number, and a small drop in his job performance rating, bringing him to his lowest level – 49-50, down from 52-46 percent in August – since he took office in January 2011 …”

That puts him down ~25% from his post-SAFE high.

With gun control proving to be such a winning issue for Cuomo, why did Tom Suozzi feel the need to bring it in his race?

“… Democratic Nassau County executive candidate Thomas Suozzi has waded into Tuesday’s deadly workplace shooting in Garden City, chiding his opponent, Republican County Executive Edward Mangano, for his “extreme opposition to gun control legislation.” …”

Noam Bramson I can understand as he’s been pushing the issue for a long time, but I do not recall Suozzi talking it up during his first go around in Nassau.  Hopefully it will do for him what it has done for Cuomo.

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How to get an F rating

It’s easy if you try:

“… Democratic House hopeful Sean Eldridge today said he owns a shotgun and backs “common sense” gun control measures such as enhanced background checks.  Eldridge, the founder of Hudson River Ventures, is running for the Hudson Valley seat held by Republican Rep. Chris Gibson.  “Like most gun owners, I believe in common sense and we can protect the second amendment while also doing common sense things to save innocent lives,” Eldridge said in an interview on The Capitol Pressroom with Susan Arbetter. “We should pass background checks. Congressman Gibson hasn’t signed on to that bill.” …”

This is a MAIG agenda item he’s pushing.  It’s not as if this was unexpected either.  Ally Smith, the NYS Lead for MAIG, retweeted his opening campaign announcement several days ago.

If only more candidates would be this forthcoming it would make doing candidate ratings a lot easier.

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Legal update in NYSRPA v. NYC Title 38

Legal update in the case of NYSRPA v. New York City, challenging the constitutionality of Title 38 of the Rules of the City of New York:   The Motion for Preliminary Injunction has been stayed pending the outcome of the NRA-backed case of Osterweil v. Bartlett in New York’s Court of Appeals.

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Will gun issue sway Westchester voters?

The Urinal News has an op-ed asking, “Will gun issue really sway Westchester voters?

Answer: Possibly, and if it does it will go one way only, away from Noam Bramson.

They are correct in saying that taxes are the priority issue and I’d assume that most people will vote based on that.  Noam can’t talk about that issue because as New Rochelle Mayor he raised taxes while incumbent CE Rob Astorino kept his promise to lower property taxes.  So what about guns?

As Noam’s buddies at NYAGV don’t represent a voting constituency, the best case scenario he’s likely to get out of the issue is nothing.  It’s not as if they have the ability to run a GOTV operation on his behalf.  The worst case is he reminds people of the SAFE Act and how the Urinal tried exploiting the issue and they decide to take it out on him.

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2nd Noam Bramson ad

Da Mayor is getting his money’s worth in the race for Westchester County Executive between incumbent  Rob Astorino and challenger Noam Bramson, who is a member of MAIG.

Bloomberg gave Bramson a $2000 donation back in ’11 during his campaign for re-election as Mayor of New Rochelle and he’s now running another gun control ad for the CE race:

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Double secret probation

The Conservative Party is putting those who voted in favor of the SAFE Act on double secret probation:

“… The small but influential state Conservative Party is prepared to shoot back at state lawmakers who voted for Gov. Cuomo’s gun control measure in January. A “yes” vote will count twice in the negative column as the party reviews 25 bills as part of its annual ranking of state lawmakers used in its endorsement process, chairman Michael Long said …”

Oooo! That should impress them as much as this:

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Gun-control advocates losing ground

The headline says it all, “Gun-control advocates losing ground in the states despite mass shootings“:

“Nine months after the horrific mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., advocates of stricter gun-control measures have had little luck in state legislatures across the country. In fact, if the gun debate is reignited after another massacre claimed 12 victims Monday at the Navy Yard in Southeast Washington, it will take place in a country with fewer restrictions on firearms than were in place a year ago …”

This was to be expected.  The gun control movement has been in a downward spiral for over a decade.  By no coincidence, so has the “mainstream” media.

“… Gun-control advocates had hoped to pass new legislation in states where Democrats control the legislature and governor’s office … In New York, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo (D) signed legislation that would ban the sale of assault rifles and high-capacity ammunition clips and close the “gun show” loophole …”

Yep and that has worked out really well for the Governor too.

The question I have yet to find an answer to is who exactly gave Cuomo the idea that pushing gun control would be a good way for him to kick off his presidential bid?  Anyone who objectively looks at it has to conclude the issue is a stinker.  Cuomo must have advisors counseling him so I have to believe someone looked at the issue.  Were they afraid to tell him the truth?  Were they over-ruled?  Is Cuomo’s ego so big he thought he could revive the issue?

“… If gun-control advocates could see any silver lining in their losses in Colorado, it’s that a new set of allies with deep pockets is beginning to engage. New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I) and Los Angeles philanthropist Eli Broad both sent six-figure checks to help the two Democratic candidates …”

Cuomo did try shifting the blame for SAFE into Bloomberg which he didn’t appreciate so I don’t believe the promise of Bloomberg bucks was the driving factor.

I wonder if he was set up, possibly by supporters of Hillary and/or other Democrat interests who would benefit by his greatly diminished stature?  I haven’t seen anyone try and claim credit for knocking him down (yet.)

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Revisiting civil commitment

Ann Coulter has a good article about how politicians should revisit involuntarily committing the mentally ill instead of focusing on gun control.  This is what NRA should have talked about at that embarrassing press conference where they didn’t even mention mental health issues.

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Cuomo dead last in Democrat poll

According to the latest CNN Democrat presidential preference poll, Governor Cuomo is in 4th place with 6%, way behind Hillary and even behind Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who is at 7%.

Guess being first Governor to sign a new gun control law this year doesn’t impress Democrats they way he thought it would.

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Port Authority can confiscate firearms

The 3rd Circuit Court says the Port Authority can confiscate firearms from non-New Jersey residents passing through Newark International Airport.  The ruling says the Firearm Owners Protection Act does not apply when walking through an airport terminal.

As per Scott Bach, this rewrites FOPA and thwarts the entire purpose of the law.

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