Will gun issue sway Westchester voters?

The Urinal News has an op-ed asking, “Will gun issue really sway Westchester voters?

Answer: Possibly, and if it does it will go one way only, away from Noam Bramson.

They are correct in saying that taxes are the priority issue and I’d assume that most people will vote based on that.  Noam can’t talk about that issue because as New Rochelle Mayor he raised taxes while incumbent CE Rob Astorino kept his promise to lower property taxes.  So what about guns?

As Noam’s buddies at NYAGV don’t represent a voting constituency, the best case scenario he’s likely to get out of the issue is nothing.  It’s not as if they have the ability to run a GOTV operation on his behalf.  The worst case is he reminds people of the SAFE Act and how the Urinal tried exploiting the issue and they decide to take it out on him.

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