2nd Noam Bramson ad

Da Mayor is getting his money’s worth in the race for Westchester County Executive between incumbent  Rob Astorino and challenger Noam Bramson, who is a member of MAIG.

Bloomberg gave Bramson a $2000 donation back in ’11 during his campaign for re-election as Mayor of New Rochelle and he’s now running another gun control ad for the CE race:

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3 thoughts on “2nd Noam Bramson ad

  1. Their desire to ban gun shows speaks directly to their desire to ban the Second Amendment. Even with all the regulations that have been heaped on gun shows over the years, they still pursue a total ban.

  2. All those deaths are tragic, but why are they trying to take my rights when criminals killed their loved ones:

    Chris Owens- shot by probable gang bangers
    Andre Frank- shot by a 17 year old punk
    Jessica Santos- shot by a 17 year old punk

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