MAIG Super Bowl ad

A MAIG ad will air during the Super Bowl featuring Mayor Mike and Mayor Mumbles.  According to the Daily News, the topic will be:

“… fixing the nation’s broken background check system that allows criminals and dangerous people to buy guns illegally …”

Nobody is going to pay attention to this.

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Who is paying for this?

The National Gun Victims Action Council is trying to organize a boycott of Starbucks due to the company’s refusal to prohibit open carry of firearms in states where it is legal.  The counter-protest supporting Starbucks looks to be going a whole lot better than the boycott.  It doesn’t appear NGVAC has much support.

That prompts Days of Our Trailers to ask a good question: Who is paying for this ad on the Times Square jumbo-tron?

Their corporate information is not on GuideStar, but given the NGVAC board is made up with prominent antis out of the Chicago area, I suspect NGVAC is just another money funnel for Joyce and other leftist foundations.  Given the lack of public support for their ideology, the antis have to keep reinventing themselves (remember Americans for Gun Safety and American Hunters & Shooters?) to keep their issue fresh.  I’ll make an educated guess and say that is who is funding this latest assault upon the 2A.  If it is some other person/group I’d like to know who it is.

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GOP candidates should put something on the table

The latest Florida polling shows Mitt Romney in the top spot, 9 points over Newt Gingrich.

In Dick Morris’ lunchtime video today he opines that if Romney wins Florida it’s pretty much over for the others.  From a delegate standpoint that may be true, but given the way the race has shaped up so far I can see the other candidates hanging around through March.

No matter what he does, Romney just can’t seem to seal the deal.  I don’t know anyone who is really excited about him, certainly not gun owners.  The NRA’sAll In!” campaign to oust Obama is going to fall flat unless the candidates make a serious pitch to gun owners.  Doing that, I think, will have to involve more than just vague assurances of better SCOTUS nominees.  Something real good needs to be put on the table.

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Redistricting proposal

Proposed redistricting maps are now available for the Assembly and State Senate.  Nothing for Congress yet.  I’m waiting to see if they screw Carolyn McCarthy over and combine her district with either CD-3 and/or CD-5.

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Assembly budget analysis

The Assembly “yellow book” analysis of the Governor’s proposed budget has been posted.  It is interesting that it assumes repealing CoBIS would give only a $200,000 savings.

Page 31 in the PDF:

… Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS): The Executive proposes to repeal the requirement that the State maintain its own independent digital database of the marking of gun casings registered in New York. Rather, the Executive proposes to invest in local labs so they can participate in the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN) …

Page 73:

… Repeal the requirement for a pistol and revolver ballistic identification database, known as CoBIS.  This part would repeal the requirement that the Division of State Police maintain the Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS), an automated electronic databank containing data and other ballistic information relevant to the identification of shell casings and to the pistols or revolvers from which such casings were discharged. This part would also repeal the requirement that manufacturers include a ballistic sample with any pistol or revolver shipped into the state of New York and that firearms dealers submit such sample to the State Police for inclusion in CoBIS …

Page 116:

… The Executive recommends Article VII legislation that would: … repeal the requirement that the state maintain its own independent pistol and revolver ballistic identification database, the Combined Ballistic Identification System …

Page 151:

… The Executive proposes repeal of the requirement that the state maintain its existing independent pistol and revolver ballistic identification database, the Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS). Instead, the Executive would invest $200,000 in savings associated with the repeal of CoBIS to support local and state law enforcement use of the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network …

Page 152:

… The Executive recommends Article VII legislation that would: … repeal the requirement that the state maintain its independent pistol and revolver ballistic identification database …

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Reciprocity bill introduced

Brian Kolb introduced a reciprocity bill to the Assembly, A-9086.  I am expecting the Democrats to introduce their own version sometime.

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Blowback on CoBIS

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence’s shill Michelle Schimel is upset that Gov. Cuomo’s budget proposal for for eliminating CoBIS and using the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) instead.  From Newsday, “Critics: Cuomo plan would hurt crime-fighting“:

“… But Schimel said the national system is severely limited because it collects data only from weapons found at crime scenes.  “With NIBIN,” she said, referring to the national system, “you need to find the gun, not just the [spent] cartridge.” …

NIBIN is limited only in so far as it’s ability to target honest gun owners.  It uses real evidence found at a crime scene as opposed to CoBIS which assumes all gun owners are criminals.  CoBIS doesn’t actually help police find the gun or the person who used it illegally.  Its best case scenario is to point to the original purchaser.

“… She wants to use the dispute to push for “microstamping” ammunition, which she says is more effective and won’t cost the state because it doesn’t require a database … “I’ve been disappointed with the results of CoBIS, too,” Schimel said.  “But CoBIS is like an eight-track tape and microstamping is like Blu-ray technology” …”

She’s disappointed because after collecting 356,631 shell casings (as of 12/11), she cannot point to a single crime which was solved because of the program.  That makes her and all gun control proponents look bad.  It also makes her microstamping proposal (which is basically another ballistic identification scheme) look bad and that is what she is really bent out of shape about.

Schimel is the only legislator I’ve seen to speak out against the Governor on this issue.  The State Police aren’t either and they administer CoBIS.  I think it’s going to take a lot more to get him to drop the idea than just her whining.

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Legislative Report #14

Legislative Report #14 is now online.

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Hinchey retires

Rep. Maurice Hinchey is retiring after spending entirely too long feeding off the public trough.  It was always a coin flip to see which way he vote and he leaves with an overall C-rating.

Some potential replacements and their ratings:



Plus Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan who is a member of MAIG.

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The least of Gingrich’s problems

ABC is planning to air an interview tonight with Newt Gingrich’s 2nd wife where she basically says his public positions on “family values” do not square with his private behavior.  I think this is the least of Gingrich’s problems.  The campaign may be able to dismiss an ex-wife’s statements as a private matter, but they cannot as easily blow off Gingrich’s behavior on the campaign trail.  Ever since losing the Iowa caucus he’s come across as mean and arrogant.  Regardless of his positions on the issues he’s a big turnoff.

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