GOP candidates should put something on the table

The latest Florida polling shows Mitt Romney in the top spot, 9 points over Newt Gingrich.

In Dick Morris’ lunchtime video today he opines that if Romney wins Florida it’s pretty much over for the others.  From a delegate standpoint that may be true, but given the way the race has shaped up so far I can see the other candidates hanging around through March.

No matter what he does, Romney just can’t seem to seal the deal.  I don’t know anyone who is really excited about him, certainly not gun owners.  The NRA’sAll In!” campaign to oust Obama is going to fall flat unless the candidates make a serious pitch to gun owners.  Doing that, I think, will have to involve more than just vague assurances of better SCOTUS nominees.  Something real good needs to be put on the table.

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One thought on “GOP candidates should put something on the table

  1. Unfortunately, with Romney, it’s looking like we might get patakilated.
    Romney would make for better SCOTUS nominees, but I believe that either Romney or Obama would sign any unconstitutional gun restrictions that Congress passes.
    I’m not too upset about the prospect of voting for Romney, though he will bear considerable watching. I believe that we would do well to place an unusually heavy focus on congresshole elections, so that we have the legislature on our side. Like what a lot of formerly great institutions in this country have come down to these days, the presidency isn’t as powerful as it used to be, or maybe that’s just Obama, but I don’t see Romney suddenly revamping it into the powerhouse that the White House used to be either. The power lost from the presidency seems to have gone to Congress, and that seems to be where the real power is these days.

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