Who is paying for this?

The National Gun Victims Action Council is trying to organize a boycott of Starbucks due to the company’s refusal to prohibit open carry of firearms in states where it is legal.  The counter-protest supporting Starbucks looks to be going a whole lot better than the boycott.  It doesn’t appear NGVAC has much support.

That prompts Days of Our Trailers to ask a good question: Who is paying for this ad on the Times Square jumbo-tron?

Their corporate information is not on GuideStar, but given the NGVAC board is made up with prominent antis out of the Chicago area, I suspect NGVAC is just another money funnel for Joyce and other leftist foundations.  Given the lack of public support for their ideology, the antis have to keep reinventing themselves (remember Americans for Gun Safety and American Hunters & Shooters?) to keep their issue fresh.  I’ll make an educated guess and say that is who is funding this latest assault upon the 2A.  If it is some other person/group I’d like to know who it is.

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10 thoughts on “Who is paying for this?

  1. The National Gun Victims Action Council may seem like a very impressive organization to some, when they are viewed on their own.
    However, when they’re in the same room as the National Steak Knife and Other Kitchen Utensil Victim Action Council, the National Action for Tire Iron Victims Nationwide Action Council, the National Baseball Bat Victim Absolutely Positively Action Action and More Action Council, the National Golf Club Victims Who Shall Not Be Forgotten Even Though We Still Play Golf Action Council, the National Feet, Fists, Hands, Etc. Victim Action Council for Change and Action, the National Claw Hammer Working in Alliance with the National Screwdriver Victim Action Council for Action, the International Rock Branch Mud and Other Especially Primitive But Still Lethal Weapons Council for Limited Action, and the National Rope, Clothesline, Heavy Twine and Duct Tape Victims United for a Common Cause Action Council, they can seem a little silly.

  2. They’re Professional Victims and Victim Profiteering, it’s just another name for the Brady-Bunch: From their Board biographies:
    * Elliot Fineman is a senior member of the Brady PAC–Illinois, the group that makes endorsements on behalf of the Brady Campaign in Illinois.
    * Andrew Goddard is the President of the Richmond Chapter of the Million Mom March, a division of the Brady Campaign.
    * Lori O’Neill is the past President & Vice President of the Million Mom March of Cleveland which she calls the “grassroots arm of the Brady Campaign.”
    * Jeanne Bishop has served as President of the North Suburban Chicagoland Million Mom March Chapter and lists herself as a general Brady Campaign volunteer.
    * Griffin Dix was Chairman of the Brady Campaign’s Million Mom March National State Presidents Council and the chapter-elected member of the Brady Campaign Board of Trustees.
    * Bill Jenkins is married to the National Program Director for Victims and Survivors for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and represents the organization with his wife at public events.
    * Thom Mannard is a founding member of the Brady PAC-Illinois.
    * Alice Thomas-Norris is the President of the Million Moms March Chicago Chapter of Survivors for the Brady Campaign.
    * Tom Vanden Berk is a board member of the Brady Campaign/Million Mom March.
    * Amanda & Nick Wilcox are Legislative Co-Chairs of the California Chapters of the Brady Campaign as well as leaders of the Sacramento Valley Chapter and the Nevada County Brady Campaign Chapter.
    * Willie Williams works with the Brady Campaign to target pro-rights lawmakers in Illinois during election years.
    * Heidi Yewman is the Washington state president of the Million Mom March/Brady Campaign.

    In other words, out of 16 people listed on NGAC’s board, 13 are in the Brady Campaign leadership. Most are state leaders, but several are national leaders.

  3. This is the result of a “launch” using PR Newswire. This all could have been done for under $1500 dollars, including the Times Square logo display.

  4. I suspect it’s more than just that. It is reasonable to assume that one or more of these people are directly or indirectly connected to politicians and/or political parties.

  5. PR Newswire controls that LED sign at 3 Times Square. They feed press releases to it that have pictures associated. For a single drop press release with display on that sign it’s just south of $1500 all in. I did a little googling. They may be politically connected, but this is more of a plain old ad buy where they took a photo of the sign to make people think they are a big deal presence wise. The building is owned by Thomson-Reuters. The PR Newswire people were very nice and would happily sell their service to anyone who wants to subscribe to a membership and pay for the press release.

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