Manhattan jury finds man who had loaded gun in car not guilty

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Talk about being ungrateful

Jeanne Assam, the woman who stopped a crazed killers rampage by shooting him back in 2007, came out as gay.

Now, according to her, the church where it happened doesn’t want her.  Talk about being ungrateful.

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Possible lead issue

Sen. Diaz has requested the Health Committee take up his bill S-292, which pertains to lead poisoning.  It would require the Commissioner of Health to report to the Attorney General whenever “in the opinion of the Commissioner” a manufacturer, distributor or retailer is using “improper measures” which could lead to possible lead poisoning.  What exactly “improper measures” are is entirely up to the Health Commissioner.  The bill is vague enough to be abused by politicians with an agenda.

For example, perhaps lead ammo should not be sold in cardboard boxes and should only be available in childproof plastic clamshell packages.  There already have been efforts to ban lead bullets so this line of thinking cannot be discounted.

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More Mayors behaving badly

This is a little old, but I didn’t know the MAIG connection until now.  Monticello Mayor Gordon Jenkins has been charged with various offenses including selling counterfeit sneakers and failing to collect sales tax.

According to the Times Herald-Record:

“… Authorities searched the business G Man Beauty Supplies and Jenkins’ Clinton Avenue home on Feb. 11 [2010] and found 300 pairs of counterfeit Nike sneakers and suspected knockoff movies.  A small amount of marijuana was recovered from the home.  The two are further charged with five sales of counterfeit shoes from September 2009 through February, and failure to collect sales tax …”

YNN reports:

“… The [tax] fraud charges were part of 16 counts including felony trademark counterfeiting stemming from a raid on Jenkins’ home and retail store. Prosecutors say the fraud charges had to be retooled after they were tossed by the judge on a technicality …”

Jenkins is a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.  He maintains the charges are politically motivated.

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Justice is served

The story: Florida man comes to Manhattan to help his girlfriend move, inadvertently leaving loaded handgun in glovebox of his truck.  Attracts police attention when he makes a wrong turn.  Police see pistol when he retrieves registration info from glovebox.  Police charge him with violating the Sullivan Act.

D.A. Cyrus Vance wants his head on a platter.

Citizen Ryan testifies in his own defense.

Jurors recognize BS and find him not guilty.

Mayor Mike must be pissed.

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Schumer’s proposal

Chuck Schumer is proposing “modest” new gun control.  According to WNYC:

“… Under the plan endorsed by Schumer and Bloomberg, states and federal authorities would be required to increase the percentage of denied gun permit applicants to the national gun database. The penalty for not reporting would be a loss of federal funding for crime prevention …”

However,  the Wall Street Journal tells a different story:

“U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer said Wednesday he will propose legislation requiring all gun buyers to undergo a background check and broadly increasing penalties against states that don’t contribute names to the national background-check system …”

My guess is that his bill will prohibit all private firearms transaction and he’s trying to bury it with the other stuff to make it seem more innocuous.

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Kathleen Rice redefining AWB

Nassau D.A. Kathleen Rice arrested several Long Island gun dealers last week in a much publicized series of stings.  I don’t have all the facts, but it appears to be a politically motivated set up.  It came just days after Mayor Bloomberg announced his push to try and get Congress to prohibit private firearms transfers.  There is no way this is a coincidence.

Essentially what Rice is trying to do is redefine what an “assault weapon” is by asserting that AR-15s with flash hiders removed and collapsible stocks pinned so that they cannot collapse are in violation of state law.  Tom was on NRANews last night and talked about it.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Explain this then Carolyn

The House just overwhelmingly voted against allowing the ATF to spend any monies to track multiple sales of semi-autos along the Mexico border.

So Carolyn, where exactly is all this building momentum for your magazine prohibition bill?

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Wishful thinking

Carolyn McCarthy is trying to claim that there’s momentum building for her magazine prohibition bill H.R. 308:

“… “Every day another Congress member, another editorial board, another organization and another American fed up with gun violence is standing up to support a ban on high-capacity magazines,” said Rep. McCarthy …”

Except that’s not what is happening.  The list of co-sponsors is largely made up of the same tired old bunch of antis from traditional leftist bastions including New York and California.  As for newspaper editorial boards like the New York Times, who cares what they think?  They don’t represent public opinion.  As for Joe Citizen, if there was mass public support for gun control then why can’t McCarthy prove this by showing the truckloads of constituent mail Congressmembers have gotten demanding action on this issue?  It simply is not there.

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Bye, bye Bradley

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley has resigned in disgrace after his domestic violence convictions.

I wonder how long he will be listed as a MAIG coalition partner?

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