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Firearms Industry:





One thought on “Newsbits

  1. “Children = Muh gangbangers.”
    Way to go Hakeem! I mean, America was founded on the idea that gangs of murderous adolescents were the way forward into a bright, shining, and successful, ever increasingly technological future, wasn’t it? I mean, routine murder, theft and rape were the hallmarks of civilization according to the Founding Fathers? I mean, Hakeem, you leftist scum, your leftist, Democrat judges find that in the US Constitution on a daily basis, don’t they? Or are they merely subversive, Marxist thugs, who should be executed in US federal prisons, on an ongoing basis? “Hanged by the neck until dead?” Oh, my, that won’t sit well with their bourgeois, cultural Marxism! They expected it to be ever so much easier than that. Let’s make them mistaken. Let’s stretch their communist necks, by law.

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