Vernikov retains her seat

Incumbent Republican Councilwoman Inna Vernikov won her re-election despite her recently being charged with carrying a firearm in a “sensitive location.”

This proves yet again that gun control is not the hot issue advocates say it is even in places like New York City.

Support Asmus for Nassau Co. Legislature

Support James Asmus for Nassau County Legislature.

His incumbent opponent Arnold Drucker co-sponsored a number of gun control bills last year plus a mandatory storage resolution back in 2018.

’23 elections

Tuesday is election day.  Here are some races I’ve been following.  Hardly a comprehensive list, just some that have attracted my attention recently.

Going to plug these candidates:

  • Ryan Carty, Columbia Co. District Attorney
  • Chrissy Casilio, Erie. Co. County Executive
  • Ed Romain, Suffolk Co. County Executive
  • Judge Alex Renzi, 7th Judicial District
  • NYC City Councilwoman Inna Vernikov
  • Bob Fois, Eastchester Town Board
  • Brandon Lehr, Mayfield Town Supervisor
  • David Sutfin, Hornell Common Council, SCOPE member

Assorted antigun candidates running:

  • Robert Cantelmo, Mayor of Ithaca

Nassau Co.:

  • Alexis Pace, Nassau Co. Legislature #4
  • Seth Koslow, Nassau Co. Legislature #5
  • Weihua Yan, Nassau Co. Legislature #10

Rockland Co.:

  • Beth Davidson, Rockland Co. Legislature #10
  • Dana Stilley, Rockland Co. Legislature #17
  • Monica Ferguson, Clarkstown Town Council Ward 1
  • Elaine Philhower, Clarkstown Town Council Ward 2

Westchester Co.:

  • Corazón Pineda-Isaac, Mayor of Yonkers
  • Ruth Walter, Westchester Co. Legislature #15

Seneca Co. SCOPE’s “A” rated candidates

Seneca Co. SCOPE’s “A” rated candidates:

I have not investigated their background so this is FYI only.

DeSantis endorsement

Brian Herman is a Democrat running for Columbia Co. Judge. He received an interesting personal endorsement from Gene DeSantis, the founder of DeSantis Gunhide.

This half-page, full-color flyer was sent out to registered Republicans in the county.

Casilio and Poloncarz talk about gun control

Dave Calone releases “Public Safety Plan”

From Suffolk Co. Executive candidate Dave Calone’s “8-Pillar Plan for Public Safety“:

Poloncarz touts Moms endorsement

Vote for Chrissy Casilio to get rid of him.


Saturday’s Newsbits:





Astroturfing for “red flag”

A handful of crackpot Moms are upset that SCOTUS will be taking up another gun case next year which I suspect the antis will lose.

In addition two local courts have ruled against New York’s so-called “red flag” laws and supporters are seriously worried they’re next on the chopping block.

Reporting at the Long Island Press identifies 3 candidates running for Nassau Co. Legislature this fall attended this dog-and-pony show: Alexis Pace, District #4, Seth Koslow, District #5 and Weihua Yan, District #10. Vote for their opponents no matter who they are.