Support Keller to boot Fitzpatrick from office

Incumbent Onondaga Co. D.A. William Fitzpatrick is a longtime strong supporter of more gun control:

“… The District Attorneys Association of the State of New York has proposed a more complete ban on assault weapons, requiring background checks on all gun sales and tracking large purchases of ammunition … Fitzpatrick, a Republican and a hunter, said last week there was no reason not to tighten up New York’s guns laws to include more penalties for people who use illegal guns in crimes, more frequent renewals for gun licenses and revocation of gun licenses for people found mentally incapacitated or ordered to undergo mental health treatment …”

He is facing off this election against to Democrat challenger Chuck Keller who ran against him in ’19.

Fitzpatrick is entrenched in the office and but the mailers his campaign has sent out after losing the Conservative Party endorsement give me hope that he’s vulnerable this year. Keller does not have a public record on guns that I am aware of, however, Fitzpatrick keeps pushing the gun control narrative and needs to go.

2A supporters should back Keller’s efforts to secure the Conservative line and vote for him in the November general election.

Screening judicial candidates

There’s a myth that judicial candidates can’t talk about issues while running for office.  Case in point, “Judicial Candidates Contend For Nomination In Brooklyn Dems’ Community Forum“:

“… Frank Teah, Program Director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, asked the candidates what judges can do to work with the community and law enforcement to curb gun violence and better Brooklyn. Candidate Bernard Graham pointed towards lobbying and advocating with lawmakers to end the flow of “Ghost Guns” into our communities (which are causing a major uptick in murders), with candidate Kenneth E. Gayle adding that we should “resist sensationalism and stick to the facts. Stick to the prescribed sentencing guidelines prescribed by the legislature and stick to the bench.” Other candidates demurred more towards community involvement beyond the bench as a solution to curb crime. “There’s part of being a judge that isn’t on the bench,” Betsy Jean Jacques said. “It’s talking with young people, meeting and explaining how the law works, and empowering people to be able to advocate for their communities.” …”

This is why 2A supporters (and the organizations which are supposed to represent them) need to screen judicial candidates and weed out obvious stinkers like Graham and Phil Steck.

Steck considering judicial run

According to the Times-Union, Assemblyman Phil Steck is considering running for state Supreme Court this fall:

“… Assemblyman Phil Steck of Colonie is among the candidates being discussed in Democratic circles as a possible selection at the party’s nomination convention later this summer. Albany County Democratic Committee members say Steck has shown interest in a state judgeship. Steck declined to comment when asked if he was interested in a spot on the bench. Steck’s seat was a major concern for Assembly Democrats this past election cycle as the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee spent more than $363,000 to boost his campaign, the most it spent on any candidate in the state …”

Steck is one of the worst antigunners in Albany.  We don’t need him on the court.  If he runs and looses he keeps his Assembly seat, but that is better than having him on the court.