Another slap in Cuomo’s face

A little over a week ago a man was pulled over by police for having a burnt out bulb over his license plate.  The driver had a legally owned pistol sitting his front seat and was arrested because the gun had 9 rounds in the magazine in violation of the SAFE Act.

Columbia Co. District Attorney Paul Czajka has refused to prosecute him.

Common Sense 1, Governor Cuomo 0.

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3 thoughts on “Another slap in Cuomo’s face

  1. AWESOME!! There is still an America with Americans. Even in NY. Out of all this, I did learn that upstate NY is still very much America. Great news.

  2. Unprecedented. The only resemblance is near the end of prohibition when many courts simply declined to entertain the federal law. Cuomo’s political career is gone/done.

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