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  1. I don’t know why anyone isn’t positing this, but in cases like this, where there is willful defiance of the court’s order, a “special master”, or “compliance officer” can be appointed by the court to ensure compliance with the order. Since Gavin Newsom and Kathy Hochul have chosen to behave like juvenile delinquents with regard to Bruen, might not SCOTUS stick them with the adult supervision that they so obviously require, such that they are closely supervised, and not allowed to sign anything until the compliance officer signs off on it?

  2. On the other hand, SCOTUS might be so affronted as to toss out the CCIA in its entirety, and order New York to go with constitutional carry, with licensing seen as irredeemably unconstitutional by its necessarily discretionary nature. I don’t need a license for any other constitutional right, so why is the 2nd Amendment so 2nd class in New York as to require a license?

  3. Letitia James demands a “compliance monitor”? Really? With Bruen, and her defiance of it, she should have a compliance monitor inserted into her operations as New York State Attorney General, by SCOTUS, much like a rectal thermometer, to gauge her compliance, or defiance, with it being obviously more defiance. How ’bout them apples, Letitia James? How ’bout you bend over, and let SCOTUS monitor the vile emanations of your stinking, communist, oppressive ghetto ***? “bout that, Letitia James?
    Frankly, I feel no compulsion to be civil when my constitutional rights are being raped by a high governmental official.
    So, Jacob, how do we rescue Letitia James from the Democrat Party plantation upon which she is so willingly enslaved? We don’t because we can’t because she is such a willing slave. There is no hope for people who are willing slaves. They are doomed to their slavery, by their own choice.

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