Brown leading, Schroeder looking for volunteers

The latest polling shows incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown leading his Democrat challengers by a significant amount.

Mark Schroeder is looking for volunteers for his campaign.  Here is the signup sheet.

Primary turnout is always low and with it being a three person race, it is possible for Schroeder to pull an upset.


ECDC Chair brings up SAFE

State of Politics reports:

“… The chairman of the Erie County Democratic Committee has questioned why Assemblyman Mickey Kearns’s name appeared on the invitation to a Thursday night fundraiser for the Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee … Democratic members of the Western New York delegation co-hosted the event – including Kearns …”

My guess would be because Kearns is a life-long registered Democrat who ran as a Democrat for Assembly.

“… ECDC Chairman Jeremy Zellner said that raises a conflict, because Kearns is currently running on the Republican ticket for Erie County Clerk, and is also in a primary for the Conservative line. “Whose side is Mickey on?” Zellner asked. “The Assembly Democrats are champions of … the SAFE Act … I hardly think Republicans and Conservatives feel that way. Where does Mickey truly stand on these issues?” …”

Given that Kearns voted against SAFE I think his position on that issue is quite clear.

It is also clear that Zellner does not like him and is trying to use gun control as a way to score cheap political points against Kearns.  I do not see it having much of an effect.

Locals already knew that

Kathleen Rice has a long history of contempt for gun owners rights going back to her time as Nassau County District Attorney. She’s continued on with this in Congress.

Thanks to this Tweet, the rest of the country knows about her as well.

NRA responded with an effort using the #RemoveRice hashtag to get her booted from the Homeland Security Committee. I doubt that will work and it sure won’t stop her from continuing her campaign against gun rights in the future.

If NRA really wants to make a statement they should dump money on whomever her opponent is next year regardless of their position on guns because Tweetstorms won’t cut it.

Leave and take Brian with you

Daniel Squadron announced he is resigning his State Senate seat.

He is claiming his reason is that he does not have enough time to be in the legislature and “lend my hand to make a difference in states across the country, pushing policies and candidates that will create a fairer and more democratic future.”  I think it has a lot more to do with the the mainline Democrats clown caucus being unable to form a governing majority in the Senate.  Whatever the reason, it’s good to see him go.

What is not so good is Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh is eyeing the seat:

“… Kavanagh has been an increasingly influential member of the chamber and was among the Democratic lawmakers who negotiated the passage of the SAFE Act, a package of gun control measures. He was also briefly considered a potential candidate to replace Sheldon Silver as speaker of the Assembly …”

SD-26 is heavily Democrat so whomever the party chooses as their nominee is virtually assured of winning when a special election is held.  It’s not a done deal for Kavanaugh as Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou also interested it.  Better to have a younger, less experienced replacement for Squadron than a guy who has spent years in Albany and is moving up the political food chain with a hard antigun agenda.

New York Officials Oppose H.R.38

Wanting more than just astroturf

Moms Demand Action is attempting to create something more than just the astroturf gun control groups currently have now.

This past weekend in St. Louis they hosted “Gun Sense University” which at first inspection I thought was going to be an effort to encourage their supporters to engage in serious, creditable activities like letter-writing, phone-banking, volunteering for political candidates and other GOTV efforts.

Instead, there was this:

I don’t think we have anything to worry about.

Reactions to H.R.3576

Rep. Chris Collins’ new bill H.R.3576 is getting some attention. I have seen it mentioned in newspapers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Hawaii.

Governor Cuomo’s reaction:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to file a lawsuit Tuesday if Congress passes pro-Second Amendment legislation that would roll back the state’s major 2013 gun control law known as the SAFE Act. “If they try to overrule the State of New York we will sue because this state has rights too,” Cuomo told reporters. “And especially with this federal government, it is very important that states represent their rights and assert their rights and I will assert my rights to the fullest extent of the law.” …”

Collins’ response:

Congress has gone into recess so we’ll have to wait and see how much support it receives from the New York delegation.

Two more names

Two more names have come up as possible challengers for Governor Cuomo next year.

First is Democrat Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner:

“… [Stephanie Miner], who is term-limited out of her current office at the end of the year, said she’s been approached by different people about running for governor, Congress or state Senate. “I’m taking everybody’s phone calls,” she said. The inquiries to run against Cuomo as a progressive alternative have come from a mix of the “professional left, some advocates, consultants and just the public in general,” Miner said …”

I believe she would be a stronger challenger to Cuomo than Terry Gipson would be.

Next is Republican Senator John DeFrancisco:

“… [Senator John DeFrancisco], said in an interview Friday that he began traveling around the state to attend Republican events and float his name as a potential gubernatorial candidate … “I think it’s just prudent to go around and see what level of support there is,” he said. “And if there is, then I’ll seriously consider it.” …”

His level of supports peaks at about the same as a generic Anybody But Cuomo candidate.

“… DeFrancisco said he was “instrumental” in helping [George] Pataki in central New York …”

I would not bring this up in an interview.

“… “Quite frankly, the rallying cry was not a great movement for George Pataki but the rallying cry was ‘Anybody but Cuomo,'” DeFrancisco recalled. “I just think that’s the same situation we’re in now …””

That’s the way he’s selling himself?  That is just as bad as the Democrat’s, I mean, have you seen the other guys?

People want to vote for someone, not just against an incumbent.  Does DeFrancisco seriously believe this is going to motivate people to get behind him?

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