Our next contestant

Actress Cynthia Nixon is the latest name being floated as a possible Democrat challenger to Governor Cuomo in ’18.

I don’t believe she has the ability to knock Cuomo out in a primary, but with her name recognition I could see her embarrassing him by doing as well if not a bit better than Zephyr Teachout did in ’14.

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He’s got a point

Brent Bozell opines:

“The Grand Old Party is about to commit suicide. All this talk about Trump this, and Trump that, masks a far bigger political controversy. The Republican Party leadership in Washington, D.C., has fundamentally betrayed its constituents and they are about to learn that they’ve been double-crossed — for years …”

He’s got a point.

President Trump, for all his bombast and stupid shit, isn’t the problem.  The Republicans in Congress need to deliver on things like reciprocity.  They only thing keeping them going now is the Democrats are in even worse shape then the GOP.  If they get their act together by next year, the Republican majority in one or both houses is over.  NRA needs to put serious pressure on Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell to move their agenda.

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Have another go

Another right-to-carry case is making it’s way towards SCOTUS.

The District of Columbia has filed an appeal with the U.S. District Court of Appeals requesting an en banc hearing in a case of Wrenn v. District of Columbia which struck down the “special need” requirement for obtaining a CCW.

Regardless of the District Court’s decision,  it is reasonable to assume one side or the other will petition SCOTUS.  If we follow the timeline, and the rumors of Justice Kennedy’s retirement are true, by the time it gets there the makeup of the court will have changed +1 pro-gun since Peruta vs. California was declined.

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Reminds me of Pataki

AWR Hawkings writes:

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) approval rating is plummeting among Kentuckians as national reciprocity languishes on the sidelines … A poll from Public Policy Polling shows that McConnell’s approval rating among Kentuckians sits at 18 percent … in pro-gun Kentucky, inaction on a Second Amendment agenda is not going to help …”

McConnell reminds me of Governor Pataki.  Pataki was good for a short while in the beginning then turned into a mushy RINO.

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Breyer should retire too

There has been much speculation that another SCOTUS Justice will be retiring soon with Anthony Kennedy being the primary suspect.

Kennedy isn’t the only one who needs to go:

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer said in an interview aired Tuesday that judges make poor politicians, that he misses late Justice Antonin Scalia, and that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to a citizen keeping a gun next to their bed …”

Statements like this explain why the Court decline to hear the Peruta carry case back in June.

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Good time to push reciprocity

NRA is making some noise about reciprocity:

Now is a good time to make the push.

It is clear that although the Republican Congress doesn’t have their shit together, the Democrats are even worse off. The DNC is bad financial shape. NRA needs to lean hard on Democrats they’ve supported in the past. With the DNC being unable to help, incumbents will need to go elsewhere and NRA can make moving reciprocity a condition for ’18 election endorsements.

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#NY19 candidate forum

Citizen Action of New York is hosting a CD-19 Democrat candidate forum Wednesday evening in Kingston with 7 of the 8 declared candidates attending.

The district is more or less evenly divided Republican-Democrat and could easily swing Democrat next election so it is worth the time for concerned gun owners to get to know what these candidates are all about.  Plus the fact that I don’t trust John Faso to keep his word on gun rights.


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Reed co-sponsors H.R.3576

Rep. Tom Reed has added his name as co-sponsor to H.R.3576 bringing the total now to two.

I’m not expecting the bill to go anywhere, but I would like to see which local Congressmen have the stones to put their name on it.

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Not what Cuomo wants to hear

The Post-Standard reports:

“… In a Spectrum New / Siena College poll released Wednesday, [Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner] proved popular among Syracuse Democrats. Still, 47 percent would pick Cuomo in a primary for governor, compared to 38 percent for Miner …”

The poll uses only a small, local sample, but anytime an incumbent is under 50% it’s not a good thing.

He’s nowhere near being in danger of losing a Democrat primary, but I think this is a sign that if there is one, the challenger would be able to embarrass the Governor much like Zephyr Teachout did in ’14.

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Brown leading, Schroeder looking for volunteers

The latest polling shows incumbent Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown leading his Democrat challengers by a significant amount.

Mark Schroeder is looking for volunteers for his campaign.  Here is the signup sheet.

Primary turnout is always low and with it being a three person race, it is possible for Schroeder to pull an upset.


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