Have another go

Another right-to-carry case is making it’s way towards SCOTUS.

The District of Columbia has filed an appeal with the U.S. District Court of Appeals requesting an en banc hearing in a case of Wrenn v. District of Columbia which struck down the “special need” requirement for obtaining a CCW.

Regardless of the District Court’s decision,  it is reasonable to assume one side or the other will petition SCOTUS.  If we follow the timeline, and the rumors of Justice Kennedy’s retirement are true, by the time it gets there the makeup of the court will have changed +1 pro-gun since Peruta vs. California was declined.

One Response to “Have another go”

  1. Em Says:

    I believe Roberts is still a problem. We will need 1 more. I seriously believe Roberts was threatened by commie operatives. I put nothing past those scumbags. Nobody that I have ever known changes ideology on a dime like that. AND, the timing was right after Obama attacked them on Citizens United at the state of the union address. Maybe pics of him with a goat in fishnet stocking?

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