Not what I wanted to hear

The Poughkeepsie Journal interviewed candidates John Faso and Zephyr Teachout who are running for the open CD-19 seat.

On the topic of guns:

“… On gun control, Teachout favors eliminating purchases at gun shows without a background check and ensuring guns are denied to individuals on the No-Fly List. Faso said gun-show transactions typically are “informal sales” between people “known to each other.” “The vast majority of gun crime is not committed with long guns,” he said. “The vast majority is committed with handguns. And there should be strict controls and regulations on handguns.” …”

The latest independent poll showed both candidates effectively tied, although I am inclined to believe an earlier biased poll showing Teachout leading by a few points.

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2 thoughts on “Not what I wanted to hear

  1. Teachout got an F from the NRA last week. Faso earned an A and its official endorsement. Now you know why.

  2. Faso’s campaign is terrible. Teachout and the DCCC have been piling on him (not on guns) and unless Faso’s campaign gets their act together I expect he will lose.

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