Brindisi v. Tenney

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced his intention to run against Congresswoman Claudia Tenney next year in CD-22.

This is going to be one of the more interesting races in 2018.  The district has traditionally been held by moderate to RINO Republicans while Tenney is much more conservative.  Brindisi is a moderate Democrat who might fit the district demographics better than Tenney.

On guns:

“… Brindisi has also shown an independent streak as a Democratic moderate, at times criticizing Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But some of his credentials will likely appeal to conservatives, including his top “A” rating from the National Rifle Association …”

Brindisi has been supportive of gun rights while in the Assembly and deserves the grade.

Tenney, however, has been vocal in her 2A support and for Remington.  From a pure gun rights standpoint, she is the stronger candidate.

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Bloomberg spreading cash around

Apparently the $50 million Bloomberg spent creating gun control astroturf was only the beginning.

According to the New York Times, “Bloomberg’s Next Anti-Washington Move: $200 Million Program for Mayors“:

Michael R. Bloomberg will throw his financial might into helping beleaguered American mayors, creating a $200 million philanthropic program aimed at backing inventive policies at the city level and giving mayors a stronger hand in national politics … In an interview, Mr. Bloomberg said his city-focused initiative would serve in part as an extension of his advocacy for national policies that address climate change, gun violence, public health and immigration … As a political donor, he has made gun control his central cause, with mixed electoral success …”

His gun control funding didn’t produce much results, but through sheer volume, there’s a good chance he will get something in return for this.

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Peruta action/reaction

SCOTUS has declined to hear the right to carry case Peruta v. California.

Most cases appealed to the court are turned down, so while it’s a disappointment they did not take this one, it does not mean the issue is dead.  They could accept a different case sometime down the road.

Hopefully this will motivate Congress to take up pro-gun bills especially reciprocity.  That could force states like California and New York to make positive legislative changes.

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Reciprocity bill reaches 200 co-sponsors in House

H.R.38 hit 200 co-sponsors yesterday with Colorado Rep. Mike Coffman signing on.

Companion S.446 still at 37.

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Total fail

I under estimated just how far the gun control movement has fallen since Congressman Steve Scalise was shot last week.

Not only have the antigunners failed to exploit this for political gain, the exact opposite has happened with pro-gun bills picking up new support.  The bill to deregulate silencers H.R.367 picked up four more co-sponsors including one Democrat while the bill to remove the “sporting purposes” clause H.R.2620 added three more Republican co-sponsors.

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Start of summer means end of session

The state legislature is scheduled to go into recess tomorrow and NRA-ILA just sent out this alert:

“With the 2017 Legislative Session quickly winding down, your lawmakers need to hear from you now in opposition to S.5447 by Sen. Brad Hoylman …”

Yes, it’s a bad bill and the companion did pass the Assembly, but the Senate version has not moved in months so I don’t think this is a problem right now.

“… A trio of bills which would benefit New York Sportsmen are working their way through the New York Legislature, but need your help to secure passage.  S.2923 by Sen. Patrick Gallivan would remove the requirement that hunters wear backtags … A.619 by Assemblyman David DiPietro is the Assembly version of the bill and is stuck in committee …”

Aside from nobody really caring about this issue, Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther (who is prime sponsor, not DiPietro) hasn’t done anything with it since reintroducing it at the start of session to EnCon. It’s dead for the year.

“… S.3156 by Sen. Joseph Griffo would lower the universal hunting age from 14 to 12. This legislation would remove an important barrier to introducing hunting to young sportsmen. A.477 by Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther is the Assembly version of the bill and is currently in committee …”

A good bill that is going nowhere because ILA (and assorted sportsman’s interest groups) do not support Democrats.  That is how Albany functions and how the leadership decides which bills to move.  Until that changes this bill isn’t likely to go anywhere.

“… Finally, S.4769A by Sen. Diane Savino redefines the definition of a “gravity knife” in NY statute …”

Another good bill with problems in the form of Senator Martin Golden who thinks they are the weapon of choice for MS-13 gang-members. Not expecting this to move until Golden stops playing the retired cop routine and quiets down about it.

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Another may carry

Another local official said he may consider carrying for personal protection:

State Senator Fred Akshar, a former law enforcement officer, says he might consider arming himself in the future … Akshar said he has not carried a gun as senator “to date.” But, he said he’s “licensed to carry a firearm. I am trained appropriately and I have that option available.” When asked about whether he would consider carrying a gun, he said “I certainly would.” He said “it’s certainly within my right to do so.” …”

He’s far from being the only elected official to admit to owning guns, but off the top of my head he is only the second state legislator I can think of who said in public they would carry for self defense, the other being then Senator Eric Adams who is retired NYPD.

It will be interesting to see if this is the start of a trend.

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Is seven bullets enough?

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How far the antis have fallen

A kook-left loser tried to murder a bunch of Republican Congressmen yesterday opening fire on them at a softball practice session outside Washington.

Of course, the antis tried to score cheap political points in order to advance their agenda:

It didn’t work:

“There were prayers and expressions of sympathy for the victims after a gunman opened fire on Republican lawmakers practicing for a charity baseball game, but no signs of a new push in the U.S. Congress to tighten gun-control laws on Wednesday. In a country where there are almost as many guns as people, gun ownership is fiercely defended by firearms industry lobbyists and Republican politicians, who now control the Senate, the House of Representatives and the White House … Despite the day’s carnage, there was no immediate indication that President Donald Trump or his fellow Republicans would shift from their position protecting gun ownership rights. Pro-gun voters lean heavily toward the Republican Party …”

It really didn’t work:

Gun control? Fuck that:

Twenty-five years ago gun control was all the rage. Now the issue is pretty much dead everywhere but a few states like New York and is kept alive mostly through funding by billionaires totally out of touch with average Americans. Hopefully they too will fall apart in a few years.

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Vance Opposed to Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act

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