Brindisi v. Tenney

Assemblyman Anthony Brindisi announced his intention to run against Congresswoman Claudia Tenney next year in CD-22.

This is going to be one of the more interesting races in 2018.  The district has traditionally been held by moderate to RINO Republicans while Tenney is much more conservative.  Brindisi is a moderate Democrat who might fit the district demographics better than Tenney.

On guns:

“… Brindisi has also shown an independent streak as a Democratic moderate, at times criticizing Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But some of his credentials will likely appeal to conservatives, including his top “A” rating from the National Rifle Association …”

Brindisi has been supportive of gun rights while in the Assembly and deserves the grade.

Tenney, however, has been vocal in her 2A support and for Remington.  From a pure gun rights standpoint, she is the stronger candidate.

One Response to “Brindisi v. Tenney”

  1. Em Says:

    Jacob, I heard on FOX this morning that we won a victory in probably a lower court. CA new AWB was struck down as unconstitutional. This will surely be reversed in the 9th cir. But every little thing helps. Hopefully one of the scumbags will leave SCOTUS in the next three yrs. Unfortunately, the Kennedy rumors did not materialize. Right now SCOTUS is NFG.

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