Total fail

I under estimated just how far the gun control movement has fallen since Congressman Steve Scalise was shot last week.

Not only have the antigunners failed to exploit this for political gain, the exact opposite has happened with pro-gun bills picking up new support.  The bill to deregulate silencers H.R.367 picked up four more co-sponsors including one Democrat while the bill to remove the “sporting purposes” clause H.R.2620 added three more Republican co-sponsors.

6 Responses to “Total fail”

  1. SayUncle » Gun control fail Says:

    […] years ago, I’d have never thought this would be the […]

  2. Fûz Says:

    Any of those sponsors from the Empire State?

    Asking for a former resident or two (Madison Co)

  3. admin Says:

    Yes, but they already signed on.

    H.R.367 has 3 NY sponsors: Chris Collins, Claudia Tenney and Lee Zeldin.

    HR.2620 has 1, Chris Collins.

  4. jack burton Says:

    yeah, when you begin to realize that YOU are the true “first responder” when bad things begin to happen around you it makes a difference in your philosophy about self defense and the best tools to use.

  5. pkoning Says:

    Time for Constitutional Carry in DC? In NY?

  6. Mort Says:

    Pass the national reciprocity bill now!

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