First NRA ad

NRA is running this ad in several battleground states (not New York):

If this were done by the RNC it would be a decent ad. For NRA, not so much.

First, it does not touch upon gun rights at all. Second, NRA is already widely seen as being too tight with the Republicans. Bringing up a non-gun issue reinforces that.

The Donald’s support for 2A is questionable at best so it is understandable that NRA can’t highlight that. However, they could at least try to make the argument that he would make better judicial picks or sign the reciprocity bill.

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#NY3 primary fight on

Some good news out of Long Island: a judge ruled that Philip Pidot has enough signatures to qualify for a Republican congressional primary against State Senator Jack Martins in the open CD-3 seat.

Because the primary is set for next Tuesday, Pidot’s campaign will have to go to court to have it pushed back in order to ensure his name appears on the ballots.  I don’t see why it could not be rescheduled for September like it used to be.

This presents a good opportunity to stick it to Martins for voting for the SAFE Act.

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Sit and spin

Congressional Democrats are staging a sit-in on the House floor because the Republican Majority won’t go along with any of their antigun initiatives.

Of course, local reps. Kathleen Rice, Steve Israel and Gregory Meeks are participating in this farce.

Charlie Rangel decided to kick it up a notch by declaring that he (and Congress) are special and should be protected by people with guns:

… “I think we deserve–I think we need to be protected down here.” …

That statement makes the case for term limits.

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SCOTUS punts CT gun case

The Supreme Court declined to take up a challenge to Connecticut’s semi-auto ban.  That was not a surprise given they are one justice short at the moment.

This is not the end of the issue.  Some people think that Heller and McDonald settled the gun control debate when in fact they were more of a starting point.  We need to look at things from a long term perspective.  It took nearly 40 years for NRA and others to set up a legal framework which got us Heller.  It is entirely possible that it will take a couple of decades worth of court decisions and legal scholarship before the next right case makes it to them.

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Down in flames

All four gun control proposals were rejected by the Senate mostly on party line votes.

Let the whining and hysterics begin.

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Antigun Senator admits proposal won’t work

This crap is supposed to be voted on this week. Fortunately it is all expected to die.

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Nita Lowey’s press conference

Congresswoman Nita Lowey pushing gun control at a press conference today in White Plains. The sound of her voice alone will cause listeners to tune her out.

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I’m thinking NRA is starting to regret their endorsement of The Donald:

They seem to be taking this seriously as NRA is doing robocalls asking for calls to Chuck Schumer’s office to prevent a Diane Feinstein bill from moving.

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