He’s here to connect the dots

Since Dan Gross took over as head of the Brady Campaign I haven’t heard that much from him.  Here is the first television interview I’ve seen of him on the leftist media outlet Current TV (which is owned by Al Gore.)

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Exposing the gun control FAIL

Despite the fact that yesterday’s gun control rally was sparsely attended and didn’t seem to generate much attention outside of this report from the Albany Fox affiliate, I did feel the need to send out a press release on it:

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association calls yesterday’s gun control rally inside the Legislative Office Building a total farce. Unable to demonstrate any sort of public support for their proposals, antigun legislators and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, held a dog-and-pony show in the Well of the state legislative office building for a handful of people who were bused in from New York City.

Addressing scores of vacant seats in an almost empty hall, legislators lined up to speak to the couple of dozen or so people who had skipped school in order to be there, and reiterated their support for the same, failed gun control policies they have been promoting for years to an increasingly skeptical public.

By contrast, the rally sponsored by NYSRPA on March 20 attracted several thousand attendees from all across the state. Those concerned citizens gave up time from their families and their jobs to travel to Albany at their own expense to demonstrate their support for their civil rights.

“It is crystal clear where the public stands on the issue of gun rights in New York,” said President Tom King. “They stand with NYSRPA and the NRA! It is high time for legislators to stop pretending and pandering to fringe elements pushing their anti-civil rights agenda in Albany.”

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Antigun turnout FAIL

Last month a couple thousand people from all over the state came to Albany to lobby for gun rights.  Today New Yorkers Against Gun Violence had their lobby day.  As you can tell by this shot looking down into the Well, they managed to get a couple dozen people to show up and those had to be bused in from the City.

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Romney takes New York

To the surprise of no-one, Mitt Romney won all of the delegates in yesterday’s primary.  With Newt Gingrich hinting that he will drop out of the race soon, talk has shifted to who might be Romney’s running mate.

VSSA notices that Governor Bob McDonnell appears to be trying to raise his profile.  NRA rated him an A when he ran for Governor back in ’09.

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Bloomberg endorsement

New York magazine asks, “How Much Would a Bloomberg Endorsement Even Help Romney?“:

“The Romney campaign is hoping that early backer John McCain can convince his good friend Michael Bloomberg to cough up an endorsement for the presumed Republican presidential nominee …”

Why?  Bloomberg is the last person Romney needs to associate with.  He’s a uber antigun, nanny-state, control freak.

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As good as it gets

Billionaire John Catsimatidis has often been mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for New York City Mayor.  It’s common knowledge he carries a gun (because a prerequisite for obtaining an unrestricted NYC pistol license is to be filthy rich and politically connected.)  Gothamist interviewed him and he makes some statements about gun ownership:

“… I believe that law-abiding, mentally healthy citizens—after a waiting time and a real test of abilities and a real test of everything, with no bad history in their background—should have the right to bear arms … I think that “Stand Your Ground” laws need a lot of modification.  I had a problem in one of my homes where I had a break-in at two o’clock in the morning.  I didn’t have my gun with me and if I did, I could have protected my family and I would have probably blown the guy’s head off. Look, at the time it happened, my daughter was 17 years old, my son was 14 years old and one has to protect his family.  If somebody breaks into your home and you don’t know what their intent is, one should have the right to have a gun in their home and protect their family …”

This isn’t much but probably as good as we’d get out a candidate.  He’s way better than Ray Kelly whose name is being floated by some Republicans.

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Giuliani endorses Romney

New York holds its Republican presidential primary tomorrow. Given that Mitt Romney pretty much has the GOP nomination wrapped up it isn’t expected to generate much attention.  That did not stop Rudy Giuliani from inserting himself into the race by endorsing Romney today.

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Pledge drive FAIL

Update on the Brady’s pledge drive.  The results are in and are even better than expected (for our side.)  According to this article:

“… Colin Goddard … told MSNBC that every Congressperson they spoke to told them they supported the pledge — but none, not one, no Democrat, no Republican, would actually sign it …”

Not even Carolyn McCarthy?

The antis need to take this failure personally because  this shows a strong personal dislike of the issue by members of Congress.  There are lots of reps. in safe districts who could get away with signing their pledge and not have to  worry about any ramifications at election time.  That they could not get even one of them to do so really shows how toxic the antigunners have become.

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Legislative Report #19

Legislative Report #19 is now online.

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Gingrich on guns

Newt Gingrich was in New York City yesterday and he recycled some of the material he used at the NRA convention last week for the NYGOP:

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