Antigun turnout FAIL

Last month a couple thousand people from all over the state came to Albany to lobby for gun rights.  Today New Yorkers Against Gun Violence had their lobby day.  As you can tell by this shot looking down into the Well, they managed to get a couple dozen people to show up and those had to be bused in from the City.

One Response to “Antigun turnout FAIL”

  1. Tab Clearing: Catching Up From Boston Edition | Shall Not Be Questioned Says:

    […] Jacob notes gun control FAIL in New York’s Capitol in Albany. Bitter’s talk at NRA’s Grassroots Seminar was better attended than this rally, and this is New York State. Naturally the media ignored it. The big problem is that the cowards at ALEC and Corporate America in general don’t know the difference between a real grassroots movement, and astroturfing ginned up by Soros and his buddies. Jacob also notes that Mayor Bloomberg isn’t very highly regarded by NRA Annual Meeting attendees. […]

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