Yassky running 3rd

The latest poll on the Comptroller race shows David Yassky running in 3rd place with 18%.

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Aborn getting desperate

Richard Aborn is getting desperate.  The Daily News reports:

“Manhattan district attorney candidate Richard Aborn portrays former Vice President Cheney as a “criminal” in a provocative new campaign mailer hitting Democrats’ mailboxes. Under the headline “One candidate for district attorney has spent 30 years taking guns out of the hands of criminals,” there’s a large color photo of Cheney with his hands on a rifle …”

So he’s trying to link two irrelevant issues to his campaign, Dick Cheney and gun control.  What do either of these have to do with the job of DA?  This is why Aborn is behind in the polls.  But it gets better:

“… The mailer also features a photograph of Aborn shaking hands with former President Bill Clinton and quotes the ex-president praising him, even though Clinton hasn’t endorsed him …”

David Yassky is trying the same tactic with Chuck Schumer.  It’s not working for him either.

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Problems for Cerberus Capital

Don’t know if this will affect Remington or their Illion facility, “Clients Flee Cerberus, Fallen Fund Titan“:

“… Investors in hedge funds run by Cerberus Capital Management LP, whose audacious multi-billion dollar bet on the U.S. auto industry went bust, are bolting for the door, clinching one of the highest-profile falls from grace of a superstar in the investment world. Clients are withdrawing more than $5.5 billion, or nearly 71% of the hedge fund assets, in response to big investment losses and their own need for cash, according to people familiar with the matter …”

H/T: Say Uncle

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Candidates in CD-23

Here are the candidates to replace John McHugh in CD-23:

Scozzafava’s record in the Assembly over the last 10 years has been a B/B+ — Supports RKBA/votes for pro-gun legislation and initiatives.  Hoffman has a short statement on his campaign website: “I am a strong supporter of second amendment and will protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.” Owens’ website does not have any position statements yet.

What other people are saying on the race.

Conservative Party Chair Mike Long:

“… To call Dede Scozzafava a “moderate Republican” shows a blatant disregard for her stated beliefs, her voting record and her actions. To insinuate her liberal views are only on social issues shows an ignorance of her political career …”

Senator Chuck Schumer:

… “Obviously, from our side the strongest candidate would have been (Darrel) Aubertine, but he’s not going to run. So I don’t have much to say about it other than that.” …

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Bloomberg’s bucks

Now we know why Jerry Jennings turned his back on his constituents:

“… Mayor Jerry Jennings took his prodigious fundraising act south last week, joining an undisclosed number of supporters for an evening affair at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Manhattan home … Jennings and Bloomberg share a common cause in their quest to rid New York’s cities of illegal guns. Bloomberg is co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a national coalition to which Jennings belongs … Asked whether Bloomberg was endorsing Jennings, who is seeking a fifth term this year, [spokeswoman Carolyn] Ehrlich said that the fact that Bloomberg hosted the party at his home spoke to his support …”

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Pardon Plaxico?

There’s some talk in the sports world about a pardon for Plaxico Burress:

“… If Paterson ultimately opts to exit the 2010 race, a pardon would entail no political consequences. If Paterson loses the primary (based on July polling, he trails likely opponent Attorney General Andrew Cuomo by a margin of more than two to one), a pardon likewise would create no fallout …”

Plus it would be fun to watch Mayor Mike’s reaction.

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Roll Call handicaps 2010 races

It’s a little early, but Roll Call handicaps the 2010 Congressional races.  The race to watch is CD-19 with incumbent John Hall v. Greg Ball.  Ball’s aggressive campaign style should be a model for the NY GOP.

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Rudy returns?

Pete King thinks Rudy Giuliani is leaning towards running for Governor next year.  According to the Daily News:

… “We’ve spoken on and off this year about it and my impression was always that he was not intent on running, but after our [recent] breakfast … I would say he’s definitely leaning toward it,” …

Dear God, why can’t the Republicans find some new blood?!  They keep putting up the same tired bunch of losers over and over again.  First Lazio, now Rudy.  I even heard a rumor about Pataki running for Senate.  Their candidates are like the undead.  What will it take to keep these people down, a wooden stake through the heart?

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Yassky touts Times endorsement

Gun control is mentioned in this ad.

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Times endorses Yassky

The Times endorsed David Yassky for Comptroller:

“… We are particularly impressed with Mr. Yassky’s ability to think creatively and then implement his ideas. Mr. Yassky, who taught at Brooklyn Law School earlier in his career, has a somewhat professorial manner. But in his years at City Hall, he has successfully fought to control guns in the city, to lessen pollution from taxis and to ban illegal dumping in the waters around the city …”

This endorsement is laughable and shows why Yassky is unqualified to be Comptroller.  What does any of this have to do with managing the City’s finances?  Absolutely nothing.

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