Candidates in CD-23

Here are the candidates to replace John McHugh in CD-23:

Scozzafava’s record in the Assembly over the last 10 years has been a B/B+ — Supports RKBA/votes for pro-gun legislation and initiatives.  Hoffman has a short statement on his campaign website: “I am a strong supporter of second amendment and will protect an individual’s right to keep and bear arms.” Owens’ website does not have any position statements yet.

What other people are saying on the race.

Conservative Party Chair Mike Long:

“… To call Dede Scozzafava a “moderate Republican” shows a blatant disregard for her stated beliefs, her voting record and her actions. To insinuate her liberal views are only on social issues shows an ignorance of her political career …”

Senator Chuck Schumer:

… “Obviously, from our side the strongest candidate would have been (Darrel) Aubertine, but he’s not going to run. So I don’t have much to say about it other than that.” …