Rudy returns?

Pete King thinks Rudy Giuliani is leaning towards running for Governor next year.  According to the Daily News:

… “We’ve spoken on and off this year about it and my impression was always that he was not intent on running, but after our [recent] breakfast … I would say he’s definitely leaning toward it,” …

Dear God, why can’t the Republicans find some new blood?!  They keep putting up the same tired bunch of losers over and over again.  First Lazio, now Rudy.  I even heard a rumor about Pataki running for Senate.  Their candidates are like the undead.  What will it take to keep these people down, a wooden stake through the heart?

7 thoughts on “Rudy returns?

  1. Rudy may not be friendly to our issue but he does have substance. We could probably do worse.

  2. May not be friendly to our issue? If you care about our issue is there any difference between Rudy and any NYS Democrat?

  3. Rudy has never been friendly to our issue. He made same lame attempts to appear more moderate on guns during his presidential bid none of which went over well.

  4. You’re right about Rudy. But we live in NY. And even those politicians who want to be friendly to us change for political expedience.

    Can you remember the person who used to keep a rifle under her bed?
    The power is in Manhattan.

  5. We’re better off in an honest fight against an anti-gun Democrat than being stabbed in the back by a RINO. The simple fact is that a RINO has more power against us than a Dem because he has two parties on his side for imposing gun laws. Mario Cuomo made a lot of noise but made no progress against us. We’re still living under RINO boy Pataki’s AWB.
    If Rudy becomes governor, he will be able to inflict more gun restrictions on us with a snap of his fingers, just like wacky Pataki did. He’ll have the support of most of his Republicans, plus the Democrats. We will have no party to turn to, and that is a very lonely feeling. Been there, done that, it sucked. Never again!
    Unless Rudy has a “religious conversion” to gun rights, like Pataki had to gun control, Rudy gets fierce opposition, not support.

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