Roll Call handicaps 2010 races

It’s a little early, but Roll Call handicaps the 2010 Congressional races.  The race to watch is CD-19 with incumbent John Hall v. Greg Ball.  Ball’s aggressive campaign style should be a model for the NY GOP.

2 thoughts on “Roll Call handicaps 2010 races

  1. Ball’s aggressive campaign style should be a model for the NY GOP

    Except minus the spam e-mails that you can’t seem to make stop. I don’t even know how I ended up on his list.

  2. However, Ball’s email spell check system should not be a model for any campaign. (And I’m with Sebastian on the spamming. His unsubscribe feature never worked and it took at least 4 tries, plus a threat to start listing him as a spammer in Google for him to finally stop bothering me. Oh and there was that time he replied to a large list with a personal email, that was professional.)

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