Bloomberg’s bucks

Now we know why Jerry Jennings turned his back on his constituents:

“… Mayor Jerry Jennings took his prodigious fundraising act south last week, joining an undisclosed number of supporters for an evening affair at New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Manhattan home … Jennings and Bloomberg share a common cause in their quest to rid New York’s cities of illegal guns. Bloomberg is co-chair of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a national coalition to which Jennings belongs … Asked whether Bloomberg was endorsing Jennings, who is seeking a fifth term this year, [spokeswoman Carolyn] Ehrlich said that the fact that Bloomberg hosted the party at his home spoke to his support …”

3 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s bucks

  1. If they were honest (yeah, I know, that would be a stretch for them), the full name of that organization would follow its function, and it would be called “Mayors Fraudulently Claiming to Be Against Illegal Guns While Doing Everything They Can Get Away With to Destroy Private Gun Ownership”. Honesty may be the best policy, but I don’t think it would work for them. What does that say about them?

  2. Bitter over at Snowflakes in Hell has done some excellent work finding Mayors in PA who may be vulnerable to being members of Mayors Against All Guns Except Those Carried By My Security Detail. Perhaps we could follow her example?

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