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Albany Co. legislators introduce gun warning sign law

More garbage legislation on firearms dealers posting warning signs, this time in Albany County.

Here is the presser, “Albany County Legislature acts to address gun violence with local law requiring firearm retailers to display warning labels“.

Here is a copy of Proposed Local Law F of 2022.

Albany Co. legislature calls to reinstate federal AWB

WRGB reports:

“Members of the Albany County Legislature continue to prioritize ending gun violence while also calling on the federal government to do the same. On Tuesday, the Legislature issued a proclamation calling for members of the federal government to reinstate an Assault Weapons Ban, similar to the one that was enacted in 1994 but never reinstated when it expired …”

Here is a copy of the proclamation:

Albany storage law

With little warning, the Albany Common Council pushed a mandatory gun storage law through yesterday.

One of its proponents is being smug about it too:

RES 6.21.11 passes

The Albany Common Council passed a memorializing resolution RES 6.21.11R yesterday calling upon Congress to approve Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine prohibition bill H.R. 308.  One Councilman voted against it, Lester Freeman.  The Times Union reports:

“Local gun rights supporters may have found an unlikely ally in Albany’s South End councilman … Lester Freeman, who represents the South End’s 2nd Ward, without explanation, logged the only dissenting vote … “It’s not something we should be wasting time with,” was Freeman’s first response.  But he elaborated that he’s also had a pistol permit “for the past 15 years” and that he worries about the gradual erosion of the right to bear arms bestowed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  “It just seems like the more regulations we have to impose that have to do with the second amendment, it bothers me,” said Freeman, who is in his first term. “It’s an assault. It’s an attack.”  “Guns don’t kill people, it’s people with guns who kill people,” Freeman said. “I guess I’m the only conservative voice on the council. I’ve been feeling out place lately.” …”

Good for him.

Albany antis want to help McCarthy

Several antigunners in the Albany Common Council want to try and help promote Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine prohibition bill H.R. 308.  A memorializing resolution RES 6.21.11 has been introduced and is on the agenda for the Council’s next meeting scheduled for Monday the 7th.

ORD 59.42.10 introduced

ORD 59.42.10 was introduced to the Common Council yesterday.  The Shooting Wire made a mistake in reporting it was passed.  The Times Union reports some people showed up at the meeting to give their opinions on the proposal.

Tom was on NRANews yesterday talking about it.

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ORD 59.42.10

The text of ORD 59.42.10 is on pages 29-54.  Licensing, registration, prohibitions.,%202010.pdf

New Albany gun bill to be introduced

A new gun bill ORD 59.42.10 is scheduled for introduction during the Albany Common Council’s meeting scheduled for Monday, April 19. It pertains to section 193 of the city code. I do not have the text of the bill yet and am not sure exactly what it is supposed to do.

What could possibly go wrong?

The guy behind the so-called gun buybacks in Albany is not happy we criticized the validity of the program.  Pastor Charlie sent out a press release defending it and outlined his plan to take the program to the next level:

“… The Albany Gun Buyback not only has shown results, but has recently received approval to allow inmates in Sullivan Correctional Facility, a maximum security prison, to run the first ever inmate-run gun buyback program. This program will be run by inmates and the money the collect will be used in Albany for Albany’s Gun Buyback Program.”

So, he wants to give inmates money to buy guns.  What could possibly go wrong with that idea?