Albany Co. approves gun control measures

Albany County adopts new gun control in the wake of Bruen decision:

“… On Monday, Legislators approved a resolution to establish the Detailed Instruction Supporting Community Violence Education and Reduction (DISCOVER) program. In partnership with the Sheriff’s Office, the program would focus on supporting firearm education and training for legal gun owners and reducing the number of illegal guns in local communities … The DISCOVER program would offer pistol training courses for County residents run by the Sheriff’s Office; an anonymous illegal firearm tip line for individuals to report information about illegally possessed guns and a potential $500 reward if the tip results in seizure of a firearm; gun buyback events that incentivize individuals to surrender firearms in exchange for cash; and free gun locking mechanisms and instructions regarding best practices in keeping and storing guns at various events throughout the county …”

This is just fluff, meant to mollify gun owners into thinking they’re not the target of these proposals.

You can already get firearms instruction through local clubs, NRA instructors and private businesses.

The tip-line probably won’t accomplish much.

NSSF gives out free gun locks.

So-called gun buybacks are a fraud.

“… In addition to the DISCOVER program, the Legislature also adopted a local law to ban the possession of deadly weapons and dangerous instruments in Albany County facilities by individuals other than those on official business authorized to carry a such weapons. Signs will be posted at County building warning individuals that possession of a firearm, rifle shotgun or other deadly weapon, dangerous instrument, explosive device and/or poisonous gas is prohibited. Individuals caught carrying such weapons could be charged with an unclassified misdemeanor and subject to a fine not to exceed $1,000 or imprisonment up to 90 days …”

This is the last thing they need to do.  Gun Free Zones are a magnet for mass murderers.

Gun bills on Albany Co. legislature’s agenda

Two gun control bills are on the Albany Co. Legislature’s posted agenda for their next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, October 11: Proposed Local Law J, mandatory firearms storage, and proposed Local Law K, banning weapons from county facilities.

A public hearing will be held followed by regular legislative session at the Albany County Courthouse at 6:30pm.

Albany Co. public hearing on gun bills

The Albany Co. Legislature’s Law Committee will hold a public hearing on Wednesday September 28 @ 6:30pm at the Harold L. Joyce Albany County Office Building on proposed Local Law J, mandatory firearms storage, proposed Local Law K, banning weapons from county facilities, and proposed Local Law M, posting notices about the danger of “illegal firearms.”

Albany Co. gun control items on the agenda

The Albany Co. Legislature will meet today at 6:30pm. On the calendar are proposed Local Law J, mandatory firearms storage, proposed Local Law K, banning deadly weapons from county properties, and proposed Local Law M, requiring distribution of “Illegal Firearm Awareness Notices.”

View the livestream at off their website.

Albany Co. proposed Stop Illegal Guns Now (SIGN) Law

Albany Co. Legislature Republican Conference Leader Frank Mauriello introduced proposed Local Law M, the “Stop Illegal Guns Now (SIGN) Law” which would require that at every notice-required home visit county personnel shall distribute a notice about the danger of “illegal” guns and how to dispose of them.

Here is a copy of the bill.

Albany Co. proposed mandatory storage law

The Albany County Legislature will discuss proposed Local Law J, mandatory firearms storage, at the next scheduled meeting on September 12 @ 6:30pm.

Here is a copy of the bill.


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Albany Co. legislators introduce gun warning sign law

More garbage legislation on firearms dealers posting warning signs, this time in Albany County.

Here is the presser, “Albany County Legislature acts to address gun violence with local law requiring firearm retailers to display warning labels“.

Here is a copy of Proposed Local Law F of 2022.