Aiming for Liberty

Dave Kopel has a new gun control book coming out next month, “Aiming for Liberty: The Past, Present, And Future of Freedom and Self-Defense.” Since he sent me a free advanced copy I’m going to plug it.  Kopel is the research director for the Independence Institute and has done a lot of research on gun control, some with my friend Paul Gallant who was involved in grassroots pro-gun activities in Rockland Co. in the 90s.  The book mentions that some of the material included was originally co-authored with Paul.

The book arrived in today’s mail so I haven’t read it yet.  It’s 182 pages and broken down as follows:

  • The Heller Case
  • Gun Control and Discrimination
  • The Anti-Gun Agenda
  • Some Deceptions and Errors Used to Promote Anti-Gun Laws
  • Religious Perspectives on Freedom from the Ancient World
  • Religious Perspectives on Freedom from the West
  • Schools and Children
  • International Freedom
  • Law Enforcement Abuses and Solutions
  • Culture
  • American Heroes

It can be pre-ordered online and SAF is planning a “book bomb” on December 4 in support of it.

Cuomo-Duffy 2010?

It’s hardly a secret that Andrew Cuomo is considering a run for Governor next year, possibly setting up a primary between him and Paterson.  An interesting name surfaced as a possible running mate for Cuomo, Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy.  I can’t recall ever hearing his named mentioned as someone looking to move to higher office.

He wouldn’t add anything to the ticket for our side as he isn’t pro-gun.  He joined MAIG awhile back and has promoted some of their issues, although not like Utica Mayor David Roefaro has of late.

Actually, that would solve the problem

The Catskill Daily Mail reports on Rep. Murphy’s roadshow:

“Keeping a campaign promise and honoring Veteran’s Week, U.S. Congressman Scott Murphy made a whistle stop tour of the mountains and valley last week … 2nd Amendment Rights were addressed … “I’m a strong supporter of the right to keep and bear arms,” Murphy responded, while acknowledging the issue is complex. “There are a lot of responsible gun owners and gun dealers out there. This breaks down to a rural and urban issue. It is a different experience for those of us living in rural areas. Changing the law won’t necessarily change the problem,” the Congressman said …”

Yes, it would solve the problem as John Lott pointed out in his aptly titled book, More Guns, Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun-Control Laws.  Change the law so more people have more guns and there will be less crime and we’ll all be better off.

Retreat is not the same as surrender

Obama does not appear to want to start a gun fight right now.  The Hill reports, “Holder dials back his commitment to pushing assault weapons ban“:

Attorney General Eric Holder is retreating on his commitment to pursue a controversial gun-control measure. Holder’s statements, recently delivered to senators in writing, clearly indicate the Obama administration is in no rush to reinstate the assault weapons ban … Holder adopted a much different tone on the ban than he did in February … Noting his February statements, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) asked Holder, “Is it still your intent to seek a reinstitution of the ‘assault weapons’ ban?” … His response to a reporter in February, Holder claims, is not akin to “call[ing] for a new assault weapons ban, but rather restating the previously expressed campaign position on this issue.” Regarding the administration’s next step, Holder stated, “The department is currently reviewing existing gun laws to determine how best to combat gun violence and keep guns out of the hands of criminals and others prohibited from possessing them.” …”

Notice that Holder did not say they were giving up on the idea, just that they are in no rush to push the issue.  It is also important to note that there is no bill to re-institute the old Clinton gun ban.  The new bill, which Carolyn McCarthy has not reintroduced this session, essentially redefined an AW as any semi-auto which can accept detachable magazines and is much, much broader than the ’94 law.

Schumer’s re-election campaign #2

He’s going to propose legislation to give tax breaks to hunters who donate venison to anti-hunger programs.

Schumer goes hunting

Chuck Schumer went pheasant hunting in Nebraska with Ben Nelson.  Politico reports:

“Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) likes Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) so much that he took him hunting … Apparently the duo had a great time. Nelson is the co-chair of the Sportsman Caucus and Schumer, who has never held a shotgun, wound up bagging three pheasants.”

I expect photographs will be used in campaign mailings next year.

Missed it by that much

We have come up 108 votes short of removing a 3rd MAIG member, Binghamton Mayor Matt Ryan.  He won in a 3-way contest with 4068 votes to Republican challenger Rich David’s 3960 votes and independent candidate Doug Drazen’s 2040.

Schumer’s re-election campaign

Chuck Schumer has begun his re-election campaign and once again he’s making a push for the Fudd vote.  He’s going to be at the Garrison Fish & Game Club tomorrow promoting legislation regarding the Venison Donation program.

They have learned nothing

The NY GOP has learned nothing from their debacle in CD-23.  From Capitol Confidential, “Lazio picks up another county endorsement“:

“Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Lazio has picked up another GOP county chair endorsement, this time from Schoharie chairman Lewis Wilson. Lazio, who is the only Republican to officially announce his bid for the governor’s office, has also been endorsed by the Republican county committee chairs in Orange and Suffolk. “I am proud to endorse Rick Lazio for Governor of New York … We need someone with Rick’s unique qualifications and skills to go to Albany and get our state back on track,” Lewis said in a statement …”

We most certainly do not need another antigun RINO who has publicly stated the problem with the Republican party is that is not not enough like the Democrat party.

After he brought out the gun, they run away

Shotgun tops handgun in “Elmont store clerk scares off would-be robbers with shotgun, police say“:

“A bodega worker in Elmont scared off handgun-toting bandits who were trying to rob the cashier when he whipped out a shotgun, Nassau County police said. Police say the shotgun that the worker brandished was behind the counter when the two bandits came into the Elmont Deli at about 4:15a.m. Saturday and pointed a handgun at the cashier, demanding money from him … “After he brought out the gun, they run away,” said Sias Jihan, a co-worker of the employee who had the shotgun …”