Martyr update

The Post reports on a possible plea deal for Meredith Graves:

“The Manhattan DA is trying to work out a plea deal for the Tennessee tourist who accidentally brought an out-of-state-registered handgun to the 9/11 Memorial and was arrested when she tried to check it with a cop, The Post has learned.  Meredith Graves, 39, faces a mandatory 3 1/2 to 15 years for the Dec. 22 blunder if convicted at trial, but could walk away with a no-jail deal, sources said.  Both sides are “hoping to resolve this quietly,” said a source …”

Cy Vance must be getting a lot of political pressure to make the case go away.  He ought to drop the case entirely.  That would actually help bolster the antis assertion that they are only after bad guys.  If the case is dismissed, it won’t stop the momentum behind H.R. 822.  That has been building for a long time.

Meanwhile, Shelly Silver has not made good on his promise to have a committee examine our gun laws and their enforcement.  He did, however, make sure the microstamping bill was promptly advanced to 3rd Reading right after the legislature reconvened for the ’12 session.

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2 thoughts on “Martyr update

  1. Shelly has been blowing smoke up his constituents asses for a long time. He is the local version of Chuch the Schmuck. He is a NY liberal gun hater and will do anythinf it takes to keep New Yorkes disarmed.

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