The perfect martyr

From the Post, “Tennessee tourist arrested for bringing pistol into 9/11 Memorial“:

“… A tourist from Tennessee waltzed into one of the most secure sites in the city — and politely asked a cop if she could check her weapon.  Instead, she was dragged out in cuffs.  Now, Meredith Graves, 39, is facing at least three years in prison for thinking New York’s gun laws are anything like those in the Bible Belt … Graves, who has a full legal carry permit in Tennessee, was locked up on a weapons-possession charge and held on $2,000 bond that she posted yesterday …”

She should have checked out local gun laws before bringing her roscoe into the state.  There’s really no excuse for that.  It is also a good idea for visitors to the Empire State to understand how local residents view them:

“… The Manhattan DA’s Office is pursuing a conviction on felony gun possession — carrying a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years … Sources don’t believe Graves’ intentions were sinister …”

They obviously weren’t which makes Cy Vance’s efforts to go for a felony conviction all the more outrageous.  Outrageous, but not unexpected given he’s tight with NYAGV.  Here is a picture of him speaking at their ’10 fundraiser:

“… “You’d think states would reciprocate with the Second Amendment.  She has a license to carry in Tennessee,” said her mother-in-law, who lives in Manchester, NJ …”

Being from New Jersey, the mother-in-law should know better than to say that.

What Bloomberg and Vance have created is the perfect martyr and posterchild for H.R. 822.  Hopefully this case will help push it through the Senate.

UPDATE: Peter Valone gets it:

“… “By prosecuting this woman and seeking 3 1/2 years of jail, we are shooting our own [gun-control] efforts in the foot and giving the rest of the country ammunition,” Vallone said … Vallone cited a recently passed House bill that would allow people to carry registered guns between all states regardless of local laws.   “Clearly, the laws are too strict here, but that’s something we need to work out for ourselves without honoring licenses to carry guns in states where felons can carry them,” he said …”

8 thoughts on “The perfect martyr

  1. Yet when Jaid Barrymore was arrested in NYC, while illegally carrying a firearm, she was sentenced to ten days of community service.

    Of course, she’s one of the special people…

  2. Actually, the map doesn’t go far enough. Upstate NY are still rednecks in the view of Manhattanites. Brooklyn and the Bronx are their own inferior categories, and Queens and Long Island are “fucking millionaire pieces of shit.”

  3. Ken’s right. Draw a line that follows I-81 north from Harrisburg, PA to I-88 in Binghamton, NY then northeast to Albany, NY. Anything west or north of that line in PA and NY state should be colored bright red.

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