Bradley’s bucks

Disgraced Mayors Against Illegal Guns partner Adam Bradley is in the news again:

“Adam Bradley, the former White Plains mayor and Democratic assemblyman, has spent $4,918 from his former campaign account on legal bills stemming from his conviction the attempted assault of his wife … Bradley was again arrested this past November after allegedly violating an order of protection.  According to the filing on the Board of Elections website, Bradley used the money just after he was arrested on that charge.  He’s taking advantage of a loophole in the state’s campaign finance laws that allow even ex-office holders to spend their money in a variety of ways, including legal bills, restaurant tabs and other perks …”

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2 thoughts on “Bradley’s bucks

  1. If onlyh is wife had a gun, NY taxpayers would be out of pocket substantially less, and the world would be less one hypocrite.

    molon labe, Adam…

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