RES 6.21.11 passes

The Albany Common Council passed a memorializing resolution RES 6.21.11R yesterday calling upon Congress to approve Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine prohibition bill H.R. 308.  One Councilman voted against it, Lester Freeman.  The Times Union reports:

“Local gun rights supporters may have found an unlikely ally in Albany’s South End councilman … Lester Freeman, who represents the South End’s 2nd Ward, without explanation, logged the only dissenting vote … “It’s not something we should be wasting time with,” was Freeman’s first response.  But he elaborated that he’s also had a pistol permit “for the past 15 years” and that he worries about the gradual erosion of the right to bear arms bestowed by the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  “It just seems like the more regulations we have to impose that have to do with the second amendment, it bothers me,” said Freeman, who is in his first term. “It’s an assault. It’s an attack.”  “Guns don’t kill people, it’s people with guns who kill people,” Freeman said. “I guess I’m the only conservative voice on the council. I’ve been feeling out place lately.” …”

Good for him.

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2 thoughts on “RES 6.21.11 passes

  1. You really have to respect a guy like this. Not only does he take seriously his oath to defend the Constitution, he does so as a stand alone. That is never a comfortable place to be.

    Sometimes one brave person can make all the difference.

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