Who cares what Vincent D’Onofrio thinks?

Playing a cop on television does not qualify Vincent D’Onofrio to speak out on gun control.

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7 thoughts on “Who cares what Vincent D’Onofrio thinks?

  1. It’s not fair? What kind of argument is that? It’s not fair to the poor criminals when they send in the SWAT teams either.

  2. Being an American citizen with full voting rights DOES qualify VD’O to have an opinion, just as every American may have opinions about the meanings within the Constitution as well as reflecting on current (and tragic) events having to do with gun control.

  3. Richard Aborn is a politically motivated liar. The former president of Handgun Control Inc. is misleading people into believing that the police are “outgunned”. That is not true. The weapon of choice for criminals in New York City is a 5 or 6-shot, .38 caliber revolver. The police have 17-shot, semiautomatic Glocks.
    If NYPD can’t cope with armed criminals it’s because, as a recent study showed, they can’t shoot straight. With a miserable 78% miss rate, 13 out of those 17 bullets miss the criminal. Where they end up, nobody knows.
    NYPD has a lot of room for improvement in its aim before gun control pusher Aborn can even begin to justify his calling for magazine restrictions because cops are “outgunned”. Or, is the inadequacy of firearms training in the NYPD intentionally bad, so as to make a case for more gun control with the bodies of murdered police officers? Between the gun rights hating attitude of Bloomberg and Aborn I would not be surprised. Their gun control agenda matters more to them than the truth, and likely more than the lives of police officers.

  4. He is trying to give impression that his years of (bad) acting experience as a police officer qualify him to make statements about police and guns. It is no different than all the other celebrities who try to use their name and/or characters they’ve played to push their favorite causes.

  5. I don’t even see D’Onofrio in this. He’s just being used as a stooge to mouth rhetoric by the anti-gun rights crowd. This is a creepy video – the way D’Onofirio seems very nervous, and the way Aborn confidently slips into the background at the end and then speaks, like he’s the one really behind this. Obviously, gun controller Aborn is behind this, and D’Onofrio is a sock puppet who got conned into it. Sick.
    BTW the picture of fired cartridge cases includes disintegrating links, which are characteristic of full auto weapons. Are they still trying to imply that semi autos are full autos?

  6. Vincent D’Onofrio, like any other citizen have the right to express his opinion, and I applaud his courage in doing so especially in this current climate of violence and unthinking hatred where extremist usually express their disagreement with other’s opinions with the type of weapons described in this video.

    As for Mr. D’Onofrio’s acting skills(which are superb!),I voice my objections to those who refer to him as a bad actor in their infinite ignorance, however, those who misguidely express the opposite viewpoint can rest assured that I will not pull out a lethal weapon to silence their opinion. Something that Mr. D’Onofrio and I cannot say with the same conviction about those who disagree with us!

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