Keiserman would prioritize gun control

She looks hot in her picture, but she’s crazy:

“Kim Keiserman, a Democrat from Port Washington, on Wednesday announced her candidacy for New York’s 7th State Senate District … “Long Islanders deserve a seat at the table to make sure our voices are heard. I am committed to ensuring that our district thrives by prioritizing great public schools, a healthy environment, women’s rights and sensible gun laws while also working to ensure that Long Island is a safe, affordable, welcoming community for all.” Her platform emphasizes bolstering public school funding, advocating for reproductive rights and “sensible” gun policies, and working on “critical environmental challenges.” …”

2 thoughts on “Keiserman would prioritize gun control

  1. Prioritzing cultural Marxism is prioritizing cultural suicide. Have at it, candidate Kim! We’ll see what Long Island mothers who actually vote think of the dysfunctional stupidity of your candidacy that seeks to harm their children, for the sake of your deranged, radical leftist agenda. We may find that they prefer the success of their children to that of your evil, self-serving political career.

  2. Replacing the occasional mass murder by a lone individual, with the mass murder of millions of Americans in government death camps seems like a good idea to Kathy Hochul. What’s wrong with New Yorkers who disagree with her? What? Are they Jews or something?
    Americans who have a problem with government death camps, and want to own guns to resist that, are not good Americans, now say Kathy Hochul, the Democrat Party, and real, murderous, fascists.
    Not on my watch.

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