Juan Williams doesn’t get it

Juan Williams writes, “Terrifyingly large questions for Obama and Romney“:

“Here are really big questions for the big presidential debate on domestic policy on October 3rd in Denver … President Obama, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has given you an “F.”  They say the failure is based on your “lack of leadership” the gun control issue.  In your first term, we have had three of the worst mass shootings in US History … Could you have done more to stop the spread of assault weapons and gun violence over the last four years?  Will you make gun control a priority in your second term?  Are you paralyzed by the National Rifle Association’s political clout? …”

Just like the antis, Williams’ either doesn’t get it or simply refuses to admit that gun control is not a winning campaign issue.

There’s a reason for all the gun control rollbacks the past few years and it is not because of the NRA.  It is because the public knows gun control is a fraud and are not demanding their elected officials enact more restrictive laws.  Is the NRA somehow responsible for the inability of New Yorker’s Against Gun Violence to bring people to Albany to lobby their issues?  Is NRA preventing people from showing up at Ladd’s weekly protests outside the White House?  The reality is that gun control is a unpopular issue pushed only by a handful of (unfortunately) well-financed and politically connected astroturf groups with negligible genuine public support.

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Bloomberg’s bucks

Mayor Mike is spreading his money around:

“New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg donated $1 million to the Senate Republicans’ housekeeping committee, a contribution that continues his support for the last lever of power controlled by the GOP in the state …”

Bloomberg is not doing out of the goodness of his heart.  He’s going to want them to push his agenda including microstamping.  He’s got the money, but not the voters behind him.  Legislators need to be reminded about this.

UPDATE: Political functionary Blake Zeff writes at Capitol New York, “On gun control, Bloomberg’s money does battle with his words“:

“… What Bloomberg either doesn’t understand or won’t acknowledge is that his words have little influence over these pols, because they can’t damage the officials’ political prospects.  But his money—that’s another thing altogether.  This is not complicated.  If Michael Bloomberg wants to gain traction in pushing gun control laws, financially supporting candidates who actually share this agenda, and trying to oust those who do not, is the better use of his money …”

What Zeff either doesn’t understand or won’t acknowledge is that neither Bloomberg nor any of the gun control organizations represent a voting constituency.  Politicians love money, but it won’t make them commit political suicide which is what his gun control proposals would do to the Senate GOP.

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More polls

As I previously said, I don’t believe polls showing Obama is ahead.  Now comes a Boston Herald poll showing incumbent Scott Brown leading his Democrat opponent:

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown has moved into a narrow lead over rival Elizabeth Warren while his standing among Massachusetts voters has improved despite a year-long Democratic assault, a new UMass Lowell/Boston Herald poll shows …”

This shows how dissatisfied enrolled Democrats are with the party.  They’re not just going to stay home and let the Republican win by default, they’re planning on going out and voting for him.  If it is this bad for them in Massachusetts, how bad is for them in the rest of the country?

The Obama campaign must be shitting themselves over this.

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There’s a lot of polling going on showing Obama with a slight lead over Romney.

I don’t believe any of it.  If Obama was really ahead, even by a little, the Democrats would be happy.  Democrats are very clearly not happy.  They must have internal polling indicating the campaign is much worse off than their media allies are willing to admit.  There’s no reason for gunnies to panic over the prospects of a 2nd term Obama at this time.

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Endorsed candidate Claudia Tenney defeated challenger Brian Maher in both the Republican and Conservative primaries yesterday in the new AD-101.  Microstamping was an issue as well as Maher’s membership in Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

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McDonald v. Marchione

The race in the new SD-43 pits incumbent Roy McDonald against Saratoga Co. Clerk Kathy Marchione.  McDonald has gotten himself into a lot of trouble over his gay marriage vote, which clearly was not done out of principle, but out of Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign contribution.

Both have pro-gun records and both are trying to make the most out of them.

From the McDonald campaign:

From the Marchione campaign:

Marchione’s postcard is much nicer and 4x bigger than the one NRA did.  I believe it will motivate more people to support her than McDonald’s endorsement will get for him.

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Castelli v. Buchwald

As previously discussed, some Democrat candidates are trying to make gun control an issue in their races in the hopes they can intimidate the Senate Republicans into bringing the microstamping bill to the floor.

One of those races is in the new AD-93 between incumbent Bob Castelli and White Plains Councilman David Buchwald.  Buchwald claimed that by voting against microstamping, Castelli (who is a retired cop as well as life NRA/NYSRPA, firearms instructor, competitor, etc.), “He’s been siding with the NRA and against Governor Cuomo, and our law enforcement professionals.”

Bob complained to the Westchestchester County Fair Campaign Practices Committee about it.  The result:

“…  Acting on complaints filed by incumbent Robert Castelli, R-Goldens Bridge, and Democratic challenger David Buchwald of White Plains, the committee found that the Buchwald campaign was “overreaching” and “misleading” in claiming that Castelli “voted against common sense gun safety reforms” and “voted to allow someone convicted of domestic violence to buy a gun” in statements to media and posted on its website …”

The Committee doesn’t have any enforcement authority so they cannot force Buchwald to retract his assertions, but Castelli can use their decision to blunt his line of attack.

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Primary voting guide

The 2012 Primary Voting Guide has been posted online and is running in the current edition of NY Outodoor News.  “Orange cards” will be arriving over the next few days in certain districts.

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Breslin v. Morse

The Democrat primary between incumbent Senator Neil Breslin and Legislator Shawn Morse in the new SD-44 is one of the races to watch in next week’s election.  Morse has creditability as Chairman of the Albany Co. Legislature, is well-funded, and has enough local support to make it a very competitive race.

The candidates held a debate yesterday.  The Times-Union covered it and gun control did come up:

“… Breslin and Morse also differed when it came to thoughts on reducing crime.  Breslin was in favor of stricter gun control for pistols and automatic weapons, while Morse said he’d prefer if the burden of unfunded mandates could be taken off counties so they could institute youth mentoring programs …”

Breslin can be counted on to co-sponsor a number of bad bills, including microstamping.

With low turnout in the primaries, Morse has a reasonable shot at defeating Breslin.  The NYSRPA-PVF is doing an “orange card” mailing to the district reminding people of Breslin’s voting record which will hopefully push him off the cliff.  Since the district is heavily Democrat, the primary winner will likely cruise through the November general election.

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