Daily News set up

When I first saw yesterday’s tweet about the Governor and microstamping I naturally assumed the worst. After reading this story in the Daily News and seeing the video of the press conference where the topic comes up, I believe this was probably just a set up done by NYAGV with the help of their friends at the Daily News.

Jump to the 9:15 mark to see where the reporter asks about microstamping.

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Cuomo on microstamping

Capitol Confidential tweeted:

Cuomo says he’d like to see microstamping bill passed, but he doesn’t expect it to happen any time soon.”

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Romney makes it official

Mitt Romney is now officially the Republican candidate for president.  The lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy is still palatable.

I received a free bumpersticker from his campaign in today’s mail: Romney.  Believe in America.

Believing in America is not the problem.  Believing in Romney is.

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Keeping Romney in line

National Review has a good article on how conservatives can keep Mitt Romney in line, “Romney and the Right.”  If you go through it and replace “conservative” with “pro-gun” you can get a sense of what we’re dealing with this election.  Some examples:

“This November, millions of [pro-gunners] will find themselves in the familiar position of holding their noses to vote for a problematic Republican presidential candidate, because the alternative is far worse …”

“…  it is important for [pro-gunners] to make it clear early that they will have no qualms about criticizing Romney if he doesn’t run and govern as a [pro-gunner], although they will gladly give him their support when he earns it …”

“…   If Romney is convinced that [pro-gunners] will enthusiastically support him no matter what, then he’ll make the calculation that he has room to migrate [antigun] during the general-election campaign and throughout a potential presidency.  But if he feels uneasy about his support among [pro-gunners], he’s much more likely to run and govern [pro-gun] …”

This is the way NRA should explain it to the membership.  Their “All In” BS isn’t going to motivate anyone.

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Yeah, so?

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, and their mouthpieces at the Daily News, are promoting an “investigation” they did regarding both Remington and Kimber receiving economic development grants from the state and are somehow trying to link this with microstamping:

“… Two gun-makers who have opposed a police-favored bill for bullet microstamping received more than $6 million in state economic development funds since 2009, the Daily News has learned.  Most of the grant money, $5.6 million, went to the Remington Arms Company, which threatened recently to leave New York if the state passes a microstamping measure … The taxpayer-funded economic development dough was intended to create jobs — but Kimber Manufacturing in Yonkers, a recipient of $700,000 in grants, warned in a recent letter to Cuomo that micro-stamping would lead to an increase in production costs, which could in turn jeopardize job safety for some workers … The economic investment comes as Mayor Bloomberg, a major backer of microstamping, has railed against the scourge of illegal firearms in the city …”

And their point would be, what?  New York gives out all sorts of development grants to companies who, unlike NYAGV, employ hundreds/thousands of skilled workers who make the economy work.  There was no need to file freedom of information requests for the information.  I’ve seen it mentioned on government websites and in the media before.  It’s not like anyone is trying to hide something here.  Just use Google, Yahoo or Bing.

In fact, guess who is responsible for Remington getting government contracts to make M24s and M4s for the military at the Illion plant?  Chuck Schumer, that’s who.

From Schumer’s office, “Schumer announces Remington Arms Company set to receive $8.9 million Army Contract“:

“Today, U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer announced the Remington Arms Company is set to receive $8.9 million from the U.S. Army to manufacture 1,212 M24 sniper rifles used by servicemen and women serving in Afghanistan. The funding is part of a federal contract through the Army Foreign Military Sales program. All of the production of the M24 sniper rifles will take place at Remington Arms’ Ilion facility by local employees, strengthening Remington’s position as a major regional employer …”

From the Observer-Dispatch, “Remington Arms lands $83.9M project, adding up to 50 jobs“:

“Remington Arms has been awarded an $83.9 million contract that will create up to 50 jobs in the community, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer’s Office confirmed Saturday.  The contract is for manufacturing more than 100,000 M-4 rifles for the U.S. Army and also will allow the plant to buy new equipment and expand its facility, Schumer said … A year ago, Remington Arms announced it would hire about 150 new employees in order to fold operations previously performed at other plants …”

Funny how both NYAGV and the DN fail to mention this.

What does all this have to do with microstamping?  Nothing.  Gun control has been getting increasingly unpopular in Albany and this absurd attempt to link these things together shows just how desperate the antis have become.

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Gun issues in CD-27 primary

Guns are going to be an issue in the CD-27 Republican primary between party nominee Chris Collins and challenger David Bellavia:

“David Bellavia, a Republican candidate for Congress, announced a “Second Amendment Coalition” on Monday, a day when he also criticized his Republican rival, Chris Collins, for his previous participation in what Bellavia said was an anti-gun group.  Collins, the Erie County executive for four years from 2008 until 2011, said he was mistaken when he joined County Executives Against Illegal Guns …”

CEAIG was a MAIG offshoot created by then Westchester Co.  Exec. Andy Spano as a vehicle to promote Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda.

“… Collins said he was new to the county executive’s job when he approved participation in the group …”

Saying he didn’t know what he was doing helps to explain why he lost that job after only one term last year.

“…  Collins said he is “the strongest advocate” of the Second Amendment, and he vowed he would have an “A plus-plus” rating from the National Rifle Association if he is elected to Congress …”

That’s an old rating he had from way back when he first tried running for Congress back in ’98.  He should not count on it again now that he has a public record on the issue.

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CD-22 race in the news

The Observer-Dispatch reports on incumbent Congressman Sean Hanna and the race for his seat, “Hanna battling 2 others for 22nd Congressional District.”  Gun issues get a brief mention:

“… The moderate Republican from Barneveld faces two opponents in his bid for a second Congressional term, representing a district that stretches from Oneida County to Binghamton … He pointed out his high ratings with conservative organizations such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and National Rifle Association …”

This is true.  Hanna voted for H.R. 822.

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Next week’s agenda

Some of our friends in the legislature are making some noise on our issues.

Assembly Codes Committee agenda for Tuesday, May 22:

  • A-3929, Clarifies that licenses to carry firearms may be issued to non-resident individuals.
  • A-6083, Authorizes the possession and use of a single shot .22 caliber rifle by a person eleven years of age on a rifle range while supervised at an indoor or outdoor shooting range.
  • A-9086, Creates a process for the issuance of a temporary permit to carry or possess a firearm for persons who are not residents of the state of New York; provides an affirmative defense to possession of a loaded firearm by certain persons and provides reciprocity for persons licensed in other states.
  • A-9719, Allows individuals, duly licensed out-of-state to carry a pistol or firearm, authority to carry such weapon within New York state for a limited duration with proper documentation.

Senate Code s Committee agenda for Tuesday, May 22:

  • S-2361, Provides that restrictions regarding the carrying of  concealed weapons and licenses therefor shall be by statute only.  This one isn’t so good as it does not make the state shall issue and licensing agents may simply refuse to issue any licenses if they are not permitted to restrict them.
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The sinking ship

The headline says it all, “Alarm Grows Among Dems About Obama’s Chances“:

“It has taken months of bad news, but Democrats increasingly believe that President Obama might just lose his re-election bid.  The latest wake-up call comes in the form of a New York Times/CBS poll showing Republican Mitt Romney in the lead not just among registered voters overall, but with women and independents …”

That’s good, but I’m still not seeing the love for Romney.  I think his increasing numbers have more to do with disgust with Obama as opposed to support for Romney, especially with gun owners.  Romney needs to close the deal.  He could do that either by picking a solid gun guy as his running mate and/or supporting the reciprocity bill in Congress.  Just a a short and sweet statement like “As President I would sign H.R  822 into law.”  Anything more than that would come across as sucking up and not be believable considering his less than perfect record on the issue.

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One Schimel out

It looks as if Mark Schimel won’t run against his estranged wife Assemblywoman Michelle Schimel afterall.

It’s still early so maybe the GOP will still be able to field a strong challenger for her this fall.

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