Keeping Romney in line

National Review has a good article on how conservatives can keep Mitt Romney in line, “Romney and the Right.”  If you go through it and replace “conservative” with “pro-gun” you can get a sense of what we’re dealing with this election.  Some examples:

“This November, millions of [pro-gunners] will find themselves in the familiar position of holding their noses to vote for a problematic Republican presidential candidate, because the alternative is far worse …”

“…  it is important for [pro-gunners] to make it clear early that they will have no qualms about criticizing Romney if he doesn’t run and govern as a [pro-gunner], although they will gladly give him their support when he earns it …”

“…   If Romney is convinced that [pro-gunners] will enthusiastically support him no matter what, then he’ll make the calculation that he has room to migrate [antigun] during the general-election campaign and throughout a potential presidency.  But if he feels uneasy about his support among [pro-gunners], he’s much more likely to run and govern [pro-gun] …”

This is the way NRA should explain it to the membership.  Their “All In” BS isn’t going to motivate anyone.