The perfect martyr

From the Post, “Tennessee tourist arrested for bringing pistol into 9/11 Memorial“:

“… A tourist from Tennessee waltzed into one of the most secure sites in the city — and politely asked a cop if she could check her weapon.  Instead, she was dragged out in cuffs.  Now, Meredith Graves, 39, is facing at least three years in prison for thinking New York’s gun laws are anything like those in the Bible Belt … Graves, who has a full legal carry permit in Tennessee, was locked up on a weapons-possession charge and held on $2,000 bond that she posted yesterday …”

She should have checked out local gun laws before bringing her roscoe into the state.  There’s really no excuse for that.  It is also a good idea for visitors to the Empire State to understand how local residents view them:

“… The Manhattan DA’s Office is pursuing a conviction on felony gun possession — carrying a minimum sentence of 3 1/2 years … Sources don’t believe Graves’ intentions were sinister …”

They obviously weren’t which makes Cy Vance’s efforts to go for a felony conviction all the more outrageous.  Outrageous, but not unexpected given he’s tight with NYAGV.  Here is a picture of him speaking at their ’10 fundraiser:

“… “You’d think states would reciprocate with the Second Amendment.  She has a license to carry in Tennessee,” said her mother-in-law, who lives in Manchester, NJ …”

Being from New Jersey, the mother-in-law should know better than to say that.

What Bloomberg and Vance have created is the perfect martyr and posterchild for H.R. 822.  Hopefully this case will help push it through the Senate.

UPDATE: Peter Valone gets it:

“… “By prosecuting this woman and seeking 3 1/2 years of jail, we are shooting our own [gun-control] efforts in the foot and giving the rest of the country ammunition,” Vallone said … Vallone cited a recently passed House bill that would allow people to carry registered guns between all states regardless of local laws.   “Clearly, the laws are too strict here, but that’s something we need to work out for ourselves without honoring licenses to carry guns in states where felons can carry them,” he said …”

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Carolyn coming up $hort?

I received the 4th e-mail appeal from Carolyn McCarthy’s election committee this morning, this one  “written” by Frank Lautenberg:

“Carolyn and I have served together since 1997 – and I can tell you, Congress needs more people like her.  In the last year alone, we’ve worked together on a bill to ban high-capacity gun magazines – the kind used in the Tucson shooting earlier this year.  And we are currently standing side by side, fighting an NRA-endorsed concealed weapons bill.  Time and again, she’s had the courage to speak up when others have stayed silent …”

It’s more of the same fear mongering that the NRA and Tea Party are out to get her and she needs to raise at least $10,000 this month to defend herself.  The good news is that according to the included progress bar graph she’s only raised half that amount.  Perhaps it’s because her “courage to speak up” isn’t very popular with her constituents.

UPDATE 1/4: she claims she raised $14,000.

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Santorum pandering for votes

Now it’s Rick Santorum’s turn to pander for the gun vote:

“Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum sought to underscore his conservative credentials today with a shotgun-toting pheasant hunt alongside a conservative congressman whose endorsement could sway votes in next week’s Iowa caucuses.  Dressed in blaze orange with a baseball cap stitched with the letters “NRA,” Santorum told reporters after bagging at least four birds: “I make the argument that there’s nobody who’s done more for the Second Amendment and been stronger on that issue than I have.” …”

That’s great Rick, but all your sucking up won’t amount to anything if you don’t get on the ballot.

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Cronyism and corruption

News from the Garden State, “Schumer bro-in-law judge nod stuns NJ“:

Sen. Charles Schumer’s brother-in-law was quietly nominated this month to a federal judgeship in New Jersey — a move that has some in the Garden State crying political foul, The Post has learned …”

Why is that?

“… [Kevin] McNulty, 57, was the last-minute choice of [Sen. Frank] Lautenberg, who had been leaning toward other candidates until surprisingly submitting McNulty’s name to the White House …”

Sounds suspicious.

“.. People involved in the judicial-nomination process in New Jersey told The Post they believe the surprise nomination was a naked political maneuver by the 87-year-old Lautenberg to stay in Schumer’s good graces. Lautenberg is worried that party elders will try to push him out of his beloved Senate seat because of his advanced age …”

Lautenberg has one foot in the ground right now and there’s nothing Schumer can do about that.  The only good thing about keeping him around is that he’s well past his expiration date and simply doesn’t have the energy to push an agenda anymore, like trying to derail H.R. 822.

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Time to cull the heard

Both Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich failed to gather enough signatures to be on the March 6 primary ballot in Virginia.  Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum also didn’t make the cut.

This is pathetic.  They only had to obtain 10,000 signatures statewide.  That they were unable to do so demonstrates a clear lack of organization and of grassroots GOP support for their candidacies.  It’s time for some of these people to recognize they don’t have what it takes to become president and drop out.

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Bachman pandering for votes

Some pandering for the gun vote by Michele Bachmann:

“… The U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights includes a Second Amendment which says Americans have the right to “keep and bear arms.” Bachmann told the man and the rest of the crowd in Mount Pleasant that she has earned an A-plus rating from the National Rifle Association … Bachmann grew laughter and applause with this admission: “My favorite gun is the AR15 and I’m a really good shot.” …”

While I don’t doubt her pro-gun record, I am dubious of her statement that the AR15 is her favorite.  It’s great to have presidential candidates supportive of gun rights and black guns, but incumbents should let their records speak for themselves and not do things which could be interpreted by voters as sucking up.

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McCarthy really worried

Carolyn McCarthy must really be worried about have her district redistricted out of existence.  She just sent out her 3rd e-mail seeking donations based upon that and her fears that the “Tea Party Gun Lobby” will take over her seat:

“… the Tea Party and the NRA are going to look for any sign of weakness in our campaign so that they can run some Far-Right candidate who will live in their back pocket … If we can show our strength now, we can stop the NRA’s attacks before they start … Please contribute right this minute to make sure the Tea Party and the NRA know they can’t steal this seat …”

What she is really concerned about is her district being redrawn in such a way that she has to face either either Pete King or Gary Ackerman next year.  Unlike the cannon fodder candidates she’s had in the past both are professional politicians who will put up a serious fight against her and make an issue out her being nothing more than an ineffective, single issue (gun control) candidate.

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Perry on judicial candidates

Rick Perry says he’ll only appoint pro-gun candidates to SCOTUS:

“… “I happen to believe it’s our constitutional right and I will put Americans on the Supreme Court who will understand the strict construction that says Americans have the right to bear arms …” …”

It’s nice that he’s courting the pro-gun vote, but his campaign clearly isn’t taking off.  The latest Iowa polls put Mitt Romney on top with Perry in 4th place.

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Symbolism over substance

The Brady’s unveiled a “new” initiative focused on “gun victims”:

This is just stupid. I can’t see this as having any positive political affect for them. It is as if they’ve given up on advancing a legislative agenda and are having a pity party for themselves.

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They just don’t matter

In an attempt to seem relevant, Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance spoke before the Clown Council yesterday to denounce H.R. 822.  Not surprisingly, all Councilmembers in attendance agreed with him, except for Dan Halloran who did a respectable job defending the RKBA.

Here is a WNYC  news report on the hearing:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

From a political standpoint, I don’t see this grandstanding on the part of Vance, the Clown Council or Mayor Bloomberg as having any effect in derailing H.R. 822.

Dan Halloran

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