Carolyn coming up $hort?

I received the 4th e-mail appeal from Carolyn McCarthy’s election committee this morning, this one  “written” by Frank Lautenberg:

“Carolyn and I have served together since 1997 – and I can tell you, Congress needs more people like her.  In the last year alone, we’ve worked together on a bill to ban high-capacity gun magazines – the kind used in the Tucson shooting earlier this year.  And we are currently standing side by side, fighting an NRA-endorsed concealed weapons bill.  Time and again, she’s had the courage to speak up when others have stayed silent …”

It’s more of the same fear mongering that the NRA and Tea Party are out to get her and she needs to raise at least $10,000 this month to defend herself.  The good news is that according to the included progress bar graph she’s only raised half that amount.  Perhaps it’s because her “courage to speak up” isn’t very popular with her constituents.

UPDATE 1/4: she claims she raised $14,000.

One thought on “Carolyn coming up $hort?

  1. She’s fighting reciprocity. If we had reciprocity in 1993, Colin Ferguson might have been stopped before he shot her husband and son. Whose side is she on? Why does she want mass murderers to face no resistance?
    There is a gross lack of sanity to the woman.

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