Just say no

What on earth was G. Elmer on when he said this?

“While visiting New Hampshire today, Former New York Governor George Pataki told WMUR’s Josh McElveen that he is seriously considering a late entrance into the Presidential race … He said that he does not believe that anyone else in the Presidential field can beat President Obama …”

There is so much wrong with this I don’t know where to even begin.  George, please.  Next time, Just say No.

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McCarthy on MadCow

Carolyn McCarthy on Rachel MadCow talking about her magazine ban bill and other things. I cannot decide who is more unpleasant, McCarthy or MadCow.

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Antigun leader booted from ballot

Syracuse Councilor and founder of Mothers Against Gun Violence Pamela Hunter has been booted off the ballot after the Board of Elections invalidated a number of her signatures.  There will be no primary for the two at-large council positions.

It’s good when the antis lose.

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License backlog easing

The backlog of pistol license applications seems to be easing.  The Register Star has a story about applicants in Columbia County.

As this has been a statewide problem there is no way to know how many are applications are backed up but it has to be in the thousands.  I know Sullivan Co. Judge Mike McGuire saw 14 applicants in just one day last week.

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Intimidating Hayworth

The Brady Bunch is trying again to intimidate Nan Hayworth into co-sponsoring Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine ban H.R. 308 via their Twitter feed:

There’s no reason for Hayworth to listen to them.  John Hall didn’t.  The antis have no ability to impact elections in the state.

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Legislative Report #12

Legislative Report #12 is now available.

Several of the rifle hunting bills have been signed into law and a few more are waiting to be sent to the Governor.  Minor victories for us, but wins nonetheless.

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Gibson BBQ

Kinderhook Sportsmen held a fundraiser BBQ and shoot for Chris Gibson on Sunday.  Dick Nelson has a good write up of the event in today’s column in the Register Star.

Here is a picture of Gibson I took when he was range with a .22.

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Reciprocity update

The nationwide reciprocity bill H.R. 822 now has 241 co-sponsors.  Nan Hayworth reportedly has agreed to sign on.  I am waiting to see if she follows through with it.

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Different, how?

My first thought when I saw the title of this article, “If Rudolph Giuliani runs, it’ll be a different campaign,” was, what is he going to do differently?  Tell the truth that he is a big antigun RINO with delusions of grandeur?

“… Left unspoken was the policy gulf in 2008 between GOP voters and Giuliani, whose moderate views on some social issues limited his reach.  If anything, that gulf would appear broader in 2012, given the increasing power of social conservatives in early contests …”

Especially gun owners who remember his antigun record on everything from the Sullivan Law to suing gunmakers.

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Bloomberg buying support

In the past Mayor Bloomberg has tried dolling out campaign cash to politicians who support his hot button issues, especially gun control, in hopes of advancing his political agenda.  He’s had limited success going this route.  Next he formed Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which is essentially just a front for Bloomberg himself and is designed to give the impression of widespread political support for his agenda.  MAIG too has met with limited success.

Now it seems he’s come up with a new way of spreading money around through his charity Bloomberg Philanthropies.  A story at the Ledger-Enquirer has some details, “Bloomberg gives mayors $24M grants for innovation“:

“… mayors in Chicago, Louisville, Ky.; Memphis, Tenn.; and New Orleans will split $24 million in grants to fund programs addressing what they have identified as priorities in their cities, from energy efficiency to handgun violence.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the grants Thursday as part of the Mayors Project, a new government innovation program at Bloomberg Philanthropies … Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton Jr. … will tackle two priorities: revive areas of Memphis cut off by highway construction and approach handgun violence as a public health crisis …”

Impressive.  He’s figured out a new tax deductible way to try and screw us.  Wonder if he’s trying to set this up as a money funnel similar to what the Joyce Foundation does in bankrolling all sorts of gun control groups?

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