Schroeder for Comptroller

Assemblyman Mark Schroeder will formally announce he is running for Buffalo City Comptroller on Saturday, June 4 @ 10:00 am at the Buffalo Irish Center.  He is looking for people to help circulate petitions on Tuesday, June 7.  Anyone interested in helping out can contact Pat Curry at 716-432-8634.

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He’s blowing you off

Local Brady/MMM mouthpiece Phil Jonas is upset that Andrew Lanza won’t meet with him so he sent a letter to The Advance whining about it:

“State Sen. Andrew Lanza refuses to discuss microstamping legislation (S-675) pending in Albany.  A group of his constituents, including clergy, law enforcement and victims of gun violence has been trying to meet with Senator Lanza since March …”

Translation: a group of professional politicos and activists have been trying to intimidate him.

“… We have called numerous times and sent a formal e-mail.  We are repeatedly told that the Senator is “too busy.” …”

Too busy to waste time with you Phil.  If you can’t get past the secretary it’s a sign the politician does not take you very seriously.

“… We have offered to travel to Albany to squeeze in a half-hour of his time …”

Try staking out 9th floor men’s rooms in the LOB.

“… In the last two years, our group, which is concerned with gun-safety issues, has met with numerous legislators including former Congressman Michael McMahon and current Congressman Michael Grimm.  Even they were able to find the time …”

Yep, Grimm found the time to blow off your request he sign onto Carolyn McCarthy’s magazine prohibition bill HR 308.

“… Microstamping is a technology that imprints identifying data on shell casings ejected from semi-automatic weapons.  Most weapons recovered from crime scenes are semi-automatics. It improves the current state of ballistics-testing …”

… which has proven to be a total failure.

“… and is endorsed by all 62 district attorneys in New York State …”

I doubt that. Back that statement up.

“… It is supported by most law-enforcement groups, including the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association …”

No, it is supported by a handful of politically appointed police chiefs.  The NY Sheriffs’ Association, which is made up of elected representatives, opposes microstamping.

“… Our question to Mr. Lanza is: Whose side are you on?”

The side of freedom, common sense and the Constitution.

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Microstamping floor debate

Assemblyman Dan Burling

Assemblyman Robert Castelli

Assemblyman Dan Losquadro

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Legislative updates

Legislative Report #10 and NYC Legislative Report #7 are now online.

Next weeks legislative agenda:

Assembly Codes, Wednesday 6/1

  • A-380, Requires the renewal of firearms’ licenses after five years  and the taking of a safety course outside the City of New York; sets a date for expiration and provides for a schedule for re-certification to be developed by the  Commissioner of Criminal Justice Services.

Assembly EnCon, Thursday 6/2

  • A-2986A, Allows for rifle hunting in Wyoming County.
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Dumbest analysis on microstamping

When it comes to microstamping, the antis mantra has been that it will help law enforcement solve crimes.  Assemblywoman Addie Russell has gone one step further, saying it will really save us money too:

“… [Russell] said the bill could be a money-saver for the state.  Instead of paying experts to spend hours studying spent shell casings, with the stamping measure, all that would be needed is a microscope …”

Good God, where do they come up with this nonsense?  Russell is a flaming antigunner, but just cannot come out and say it.  She attends the annual Sportsmen’s Caucus brunch with some other antis to give the illusion she’s pro-gun, but come voting time she earns her F rating.

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Microstamping vote sheet

The vote sheet for A-1157A has been posted.  It passed with 77 Yeas (not the 84 listed), the lowest number for any gun bill I can remember.  Shelly had to strong-arm people into voting for it.

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Microstamping passes Assembly

Microstamping bill A-1157A passed the Assembly today.  That’s not a surprise, although I was hoping for a bit more warning as I know they were having problems moving it through the lower house.

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GOTV campaigns will decide CD-26

Public Policy Polling released their survey showing Kathy Hochul six points ahead of Jane Corwin going into tomorrows special election.  PPP is a Democrat polling firm so their survey should be taken with a grain of salt.  Nevertheless, it does re-enforce the fact that the Republicans have not run a very good campaign.  NewsCopy offers commentary on that here.

Capitol Confidential has a breakdown of outside special interests putting money into the race, including NRA.  It’s going to come down to which side has the better GOTV campaign tomorrow.

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CD-26 down to the wire

Latest polling shows Jane Corwin and Kathy Hochul are in a statistical dead heat going into Tuesday’s special election.  Corwin is clearly in trouble as earlier polls showed her leading.

NRA has done members mailings on behalf of Corwin and attacking Jack Davis, who also happens to be a NRA life member.  Yesterday’s Buffalo News has position statements from the three main candidates on a variety of issues including guns.

If Corwin blows this it will be entirely her own fault.  Republicans have not run a strong campaign and let the opposition define her campaign and the issues.

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