Trying to intimidate Grimm

Fresh off the effort to try and intimidate Nan Hayworth, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence is trying the same thing with Michael Grimm:

“… In response to Tucson, Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy (D-Garden City) introduced legislation (H.R. 308) that would ban the manufacture, importation and transfer of large-capacity ammunition magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds … a group of concerned citizens (including the writers), clergy and victims of gun violence met with Congressman Michael Grimm to request his support of H.R. 308. While the meeting was cordial and much common ground was established his support for this vital legislation is still pending “further review.” …”

He’s blowing them off.  The bill is only about a page long.  It doesn’t take long to read it.

“… Among his concerns were the real world outcomes of implementing such a ban …”

Meaning the political consequences for him.

The last time I recall NYAGV trying to pressure Grimm’s predecessor Vito Fossella, they had less than a dozen people (which included NYAGV staff and opposition party functionaries) show up to protest outside his district office.  From a political standpoint, these people have nothing.  They don’t have money, they don’t have much of a constituency and they don’t have a voting block to help or hinder his re-election plans.  Grimm ought to continue ignoring them.