Carl Paladino appears to have chosen Greg Edwards to be his running mate, even though I have not seen a formal announcement from the campaign.  Edwards is a NRA Life member.

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It’s good to be evil

Seen over at Cemetery’s Gun Blob:

… “Senator Van Drew, for whatever reason, is kowtowing to the pro-gun forces of darkness who want to turn this country into an armed society,” said Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ

I like it. I need to get a Darth Vader helmet to wear at lobby day next year.

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News of the day

Rick Lazio is accepting a judicial nomination in the Bronx to get him out of the gubernatorial race.  This frees up the CP to endorse Carl Paladino which it appears they are going to do.

Democrat control of the State Senate is slipping away.  I can see the GOP picking up anywhere from 2-7 seats: one or two on Long Island, one or two in Westchester and one to three upstate.

The NRA endorsed Bill Owens in CD-23 and Scott Murphy in CD-20 and people are pissed, especially in CD-20.

Utica Mayor David Roefaro is still trying to draw attention to himself.

Armed citizen in Syracuse takes out robber while in NYC only the beautiful people are allowed to have guns for self-defense.

The Elbridge Rod & Gun Club is not black rifle friendly.

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Lazio out

Rick Lazio is dropping out of the governor’s race today.  The deadline for accepting a judicial nomination is tomorrow.

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Opposing microstamping

Paladino opposes microstamping:

Q: Do you agree with Mayor Bloomberg’s push for a law requiring the microstamping of bullet casings?

A: “The technology is unproven … and a criminal fix for the marking takes under a minute.”

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News of the day

Andrew Cuomo endorsed Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General.  Mayor Bloomberg, who is backing Dan Donvan, said this about Schneiderman:

“… You always get worried when you have a candidate for attorney general that wants to use that office to enact a social agenda …”

Right.  But it’s ok for him to do that with MAIG.

Republicans are trying to push Rick Lazio out of the Governors race.  It’s unclear if he’s going to go.  Lazio would have to either accept a judicial nomination, move out of state or drop dead to be removed from the CP gubernatorial line.

It’s also unclear as to who will be Carl Paldino’s running mate.  Greg Edwards won the GOP and CP primaries for Lt. Governor, but Tom Ognibene has that slot on the Taxpayers line, making the GOP ticket Paladino/Edwards, CP ticket Lazio/Edwards and Taxpayers ticket Paladino/Ognibene.  Edwards has started campaigning as Paladino running mate, but I have not heard any formal statement by Paladino’s campaign.

The NRA endorsed Nan Hayworth in CD-19.

The Brady’s endorsed Carolyn McCarthy in CD-4.

In AD-150, Republican candidate Andrew Goodall claims to have the support of local sportmen’s groups as he is in favor of allowing big game rifle hunting in Chautauqua County.  Meanwhile, Democrat candidate Nancy Bargar has set up a “Advisory Committee on Fish and Wildlife issues.”

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Glock Tactical Suppressor

The Glock Tactical Suppressor. Didn’t know they made these.

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Old Andrew returns

Old Andrew returns.

Spitzer: Cuomo ‘Dirtiest, Nastiest’ Of Politicians:

… “Everybody knows that behind the scenes that he’s the dirtiest, nastiest political player out there,” Spitzer said of Cuomo Thursday …

In TV Ad, Cuomo Levels First Attack on Paladino:

… Andrew M. Cuomo … unleashed his first direct attack on Mr. Paladino on Thursday with a television advertisement that criticized him for his donations to Albany politicians and for his failure to create jobs after winning tax breaks intended to promote economic development …

I don’t think this helps Cuomo.  It’s going to remind people of his previous campaign for governor.  Plus, the Paladino campaign seems to be enjoying it:

… “Andrew Cuomo’s opening gambit falls flat,” said Michael Caputo, who is Paladino’s campaign manager. “Any day our campaign wakes up talking about Carl Paladino’s business and his 450 employees is a good day for Carl Paladino.”

… “As long as he wants to play the tit-for-tat game, we’ve got a whole box of ammunition here that we’re just going to throw right back at him,” Paladino said on upstate YNN’s “Capital Tonight” Thursday evening …

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Cuomo +6

Andrew Cuomo’s lead over Carl Paladino continues to shrink.  Quinnipiac shows him up 49% to 43%.  This is a bad sign for Cuomo considering all Paladino did was just win the GOP primary.

There’s signs of the “old Andrew” resurfacing as well:

… “If a guy says you have no cojones, how do you punch him back, call him an asshole?” …

This race is Cuomo’s to lose.  If he opens his mouth he loses.

Mayor Bloomberg is set to endorse Cuomo today.  I can’t see how this helps him.

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Cuomo +16

In the first post-primary poll Andrew Cuomo holds a 16 point lead over Carl Paladino.  That may seem like a lot, but he was leading by 30+ points a few months back.

I would not have thought it back in the spring, but it is conceivable that Paladino will beat Cuomo in the general election.  Cuomo got the party nomination through his family ties and because there was no other strong Democrat (like Chuck Schumer) who wanted to run.  He has been on his best behavior and if Paladino can get him off script, the “old Andrew” could resurface.  That’s clearly what the Paladino campaign is doing with their “No Cojones” ad.

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