Scozzafava implodes

The Scozzafava campaign has imploded.  Politico has the story, “Scozzafava bows out of NY-23 race.

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Hoffman/Owens tied in CD-23

Doug Hoffman and Bill Owens are tied in the latest poll:

“… The Siena College survey has Democrat Bill Owens with 36 percent of likely voters in New York’s 23rd Congressional District and Conservative Party upstart Doug Hoffman with 35 percent. Republican Dede Scozzafava had 20 percent … The percentage of voters with an unfavorable impression of Scozzafava, a member of the state assembly, spiked from 29 percent two weeks ago to 51 percent this week … “Hoffman is now winning among Republican voters,” said Siena pollster Steven Greenberg, who added that the Conservative nominee also maintained his slight lead among independents. “He is getting the support of 50 percent of Republicans. Scozzafava is down to 25 percent.” …”

Scozzafava is toast.  Fortunately, guns aren’t an issue in this race and Hoffman does claim he is a member of NRA.

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GOA supports Hoffman

GOA is supporting Doug Hoffman.  Their e-mail announcement looks like it originated from a memo the CP sent around trying to drum up support for Hoffman.

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All the supporters money can buy

MAIG has lost a bunch of supporters after NRA did a members mailing to their constituents.  Mayor Mike isn’t about to let that challenge go unanswered.  He’s going to spread some money around.  From last nights mayoral debate with challenger Bill Thompson:

“… Thompson had his moments, too. He may have been at his best, and most ardent, when the candidates were asked about … Mr. Bloomberg’s making, through his accountant, a $26,000 campaign contribution to Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark about a month after Mr. Booker endorsed Mr. Bloomberg.  Mr. Bloomberg defended the contribution, saying he was proud to support mayors who shared his stances on gun control and education.  But Mr. Thompson said the contribution reflected a pattern in which Mr. Bloomberg used his money to woo supporters from mayors to community groups and muzzle potential critics.  “This is just a continuation of the worst kind of politics — this pay-to-endorse politics that Mike Bloomberg is engaged in,” Mr. Thompson said …”

Bloomberg did the same thing a few months back with Jerry Jennings.

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Local endorsements

Endorsements and recommendations for select local races are now online and postcards have begun arriving in the districts.

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Greene Co. urged to oppose antigun legislation

Greene Co. Legislator Sean Frey (D-Durham) wants the county to take a stand in opposition to pending antigun legislation in Albany.  Buried in a story in the Catskill Daily Mail is this:

“… Frey also encouraged the Board to oppose anti-gun legislation before the New York State Legislature.  Frey claims passage of the amendments in question infringe on Second Amendment Laws guaranteeing the right to bear arms.  He urged the Board to contact Governor David Patterson, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Assembly members Lopez and Gordon and Senator James Seward to vote ‘No’ on A-801-A, A-1093, A-1326, A-5078 and other pending legislation.  According to Frey, the laws could have a harmful effect on hunters, sportsmen, legal gun owners, wildlife health and the DEC.  They could also adversely impact revenue for local municipalities.  Among the many strict requirements in the law is outlawing all handguns capable of firing by a five-year old child, which in essence would make all current handguns illegal.  Other measures require renewal of firearms licenses every five years and penalties for failure to store weapons away from children.  The definition of assault weapon would be amended to include detachable magazines and muzzle breaks and another rule would impose further limits on gun dealers.  “This law will have a bad effect on hunters, decrease the rights of citizens and move forward with the agenda to make owning all firearms illegal,” Frey said.  “I urge the Board to prepare a resolution opposing these measures,” Frey said. “I also urge the board to draw up certified copies of their opposition and send them to all pertinent parties.” …”

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News of the day

Sarah Palin is supporting Doug Hoffman in CD-23.  Will the GOP learn anything from this?  Given that NRSC campaign chief John Cornyn has been talking with George Pataki and Rudy Giuliani the answer appears to be no.

Our endorsement of Orange Co. legislator Tom Pahucki gets mentioned at

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe is sponsoring a  no questions asked gun buyback program.  No common sense either.

Lil Wayne admitted violating the Sullivan Law and will get one year in prison.  MTV asks, “Can Lil Wayne’s Career Thrive Despite Prison Sentence?”  Does anyone really care?

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Latest Doug Hoffman ad

Here’s a snippet from the latest Doug Hoffman ad paid for by the Eagle Forum PAC:

“… the only way to stop Obama is to elect someone who will stand up to him. And that’s Doug Hoffman … Doug Hoffman backs your gun rights …”

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