Scozzafava implodes

The Scozzafava campaign has imploded.  Politico has the story, “Scozzafava bows out of NY-23 race.

5 thoughts on “Scozzafava implodes

  1. The Tea Party and the Republican Party were eyeball to eyeball and the Republican Party blinked. The question now is, how far will this new political power go? Liberals across the country are in fear. They’re usually in anxiety, but now they have a specific focus, so it’s fear – the fear of the possibility of a rising, tea party tsunami sweeping across the country on Election Day. It might be a typical election day. Or it might be a political uprising.

  2. Notice that she didn’t endorse Hoffman. Pathetic. Just another little “r” republican. They should vote her out of her assembly seat too.

  3. This race is less about the tea party people and more about the NY GOP not functioning as a political entity.

  4. In the national context, the race can be seen as how the tea party movement just swept a RINO out of the way and replaced her with a conservative.
    Yes, the NY GOP is especially dysfunctional, but the national GOP has a RINO problem too. RINO’s are supposed to be okay in a liberal state like New York, but Scozzafava wasn’t okay. If a RINO can’t fly in NY, what does that mean for the GOP on the even more conservative, national level? Hopefully, it means that RINO’s are now on the politically endangered species list.

    Primus, “Southbound Pachyderm”

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