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Gun Industry:


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LI residents face long lines for guns, ammo

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NRA backs Caldarera over Malliotakis in GOP primary

I had a laugh after reading this:

“The National Rifle Association has fired a political shot in what had been considered a non-competitive Republican primary for the 11th congressional seat in Staten Island and southern Brooklyn. The NRA has endorsed little-known candidate Joe Caldarera over veteran state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, who is the heavy favorite to win the primary and take on first-term Democratic Rep. Max Rose in the general election …”

I don’t believe Malliotakis can beat Rose.  She ran a godawful campaign for Mayor.

“… The NRA gave Caldarera the nod after giving Malliotakis a C minus for her legislative voting record. She voted for the NY Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act in 2013 — gun safety restrictions that are opposed by the gun-rights lobby …”

She deserves an F. Inflating her grade simply because she is a Republican is not helpful to the cause.

“… The NRA said it gave Caldarera, 28, the endorsement based on his answers in its questionnaire. He has never held office or taken any votes to be judged on. “I have always been steadfast and strong in my support for our 2nd Amendment constitutional rights, and I am thrilled that the NRA has endorsed my campaign. Nicole Malliotakis does not share the values of the people of Staten Island and South Brooklyn, and I am looking forward to offering them a loyal conservative choice on June 23rd,” Caldarera said in a statement …”

From a practical standpoint, there’s no reason not to take him at his word.

“… Some independent political observers, such as the Cook Political Report, consider the 11th congressional district a toss-up in the general election …”

I don’t, not with Malliotakis as the alternative.

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League of Women Voters SD-49 candidate forum

The League of Women Voters of Saratoga County will film a candidate forum with State Senate District 49 Democratic primary candidates Thearse McCalmon and Donovan McRae.  They are requesting questions in advance from the community. Send your questions to with Senate 49 Primary in the subject line by June 3. The video will be posted on their website on June 5.

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Simotas plugging her bill

Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas is plugging her bill requiring courts notify individuals who apply for an order of protection of their ability to obtain an Extreme Risk Protection Order:

“… “Our Red Flag law is a vital tool that can prevent gun violence before senseless tragedies occur and New Yorkers should be aware that they can seek this protection,” Simotas said. “New York is facing a serious domestic violence crisis and it is critical that every survivor is informed that they can obtain an extreme risk protection order to have law enforcement proactively intervene to find and remove guns from their abuser.” … “This life-saving measure will expand access to extreme risk protection orders reducing intimate partner abuse fatalities, mass shootings, and suicides in our state,” Simotas said …”

The bill in question is A-10487Senate companion is S-7929.

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Friday’s Newsbits:





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Eating their own

A number of years ago George Soros-backed David Soares upset an incumbent to become Albany County District Attorney.

During Soares’ time in office, he’s been a strong advocate for gun control.  Now, the people who put him in office are turning on him.

According to the Times-Union, the Left’s newest darling challenger Matt Toporowski has outraised Soares 2-1.  I am unaware of Toporowski’s position on 2A, but have low expectations for him. Given a historical low turnout for party primaries there is a good chance history will repeat itself.  It couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

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Everytown endorsements

Everytown’s list of candidate endorsements is out:

Everytown for Gun Safety rolled out its first round of House endorsements on Thursday, committing to double down on their effort to protect what they have dubbed a “gun sense majority” in the lower chamber. The 58 endorsements, which were released exclusively to The Hill, marks the first round of the group’s $60 million electoral program … The group’s senior political adviser Charlie Kelly said Everytown’s priority is to defend a number of incumbents facing contested races in an effort to defend the pro-gun control majority in the House. “Time and again, this gun sense majority in the House has made it absolutely clear, and made gun safety a priority,” Kelly said. “It’s important that we keep the leadership of the chamber and that gun sense majority.” …”

Those from New York include:

The list looks to be primarily safe seats for them so while $60 million is a lot of money it does not appear to be spent very effectively.  It is not necessary to give money to Nadler & Maloney other than to protect them from primary challengers who are going after them for reasons other than their advocacy for gun control.

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2nd Circuit affirms sentencing enhancement

Some firearms-related action in the 2nd Circuit:

“In United States v. St. Hilaire, 19-640 (May 21, 2020), the Second Circuit (Jacobs, Calabresi, Chin) affirmed a sentencing enhancement for possessing a firearm with an altered serial number, even though at least one of the serial numbers on the weapon was legible … St. Hilaire was arrested in November 2017 and a protective frisk uncovered a semiautomatic pistol … The pistol that was found on St. Hilaire bore three different serial numbers, each on different components of the weapon. One of the numbers was slightly scratched but clearly legible; another was scratched but still showed most of the characters clearly; and a third was so heavily scratched that some of the numbers were not clear. The presentence report applied a four-level sentencing enhancement for possessing a firearm with “an altered or obliterated serial number,” pursuant to U.S.S.G. § 2K2.1(b)(4)(B) … St. Hilaire objected to the enhancement, pointing to the fact that at least one of the serial numbers was clearly legible and that by comparing the three serial numbers, one could determine they were all the same. Because the Second Circuit had never interpreted what it means for a serial number to be “altered or obliterated” pursuant to the Guidelines, the district court looked to the case law of other circuits for guidance. The court applied the enhancement, finding that the serial number was not visible to the naked eye and therefore had been “altered,” as that term was intended under the Guidelines … St. Hilaire appealed, challenging the four-level sentence enhancement on the grounds that one legible serial number on the firearm renders the enhancement inapplicable …”

The 2nd Circuit ruled that the enhancement applies if a single iteration of a serial number has been altered or obliterated, notwithstanding whether another may be legible.

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Swalwell endorses Farkas for Congress

More endorsements in the CD-17 Democrat primary free-for-all:

Evelyn Farkas … has announced Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has endorsed her campaign to represent New York’s 17th Congressional District. Swalwell has represented California’s 15th Congressional District district since 2013, and announced a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020. “”Dr. Evelyn Farkas has dedicated her life to America’s foreign relations and national security, and I’ve been impressed by her great humor and empathy,” Swalwell said. “We worked hard to expose the corrupt relationship between Trump and Putin, and we share a mission today of ending the gun violence that threatens our communities. At such a pivotal moment in our nation’s history, I can think of nobody better to follow in the footsteps of the great Nita Lowey …” …”

A most prestigious endorsement coming from the guy who threatened to nuke gun owners who don’t go along with his dreams of gun confiscation.

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