Aborn’s Epic FAIL

Richard Aborn is the former head of Handgun Control (Brady Campaign.)  He’s directly responsible for the Brady Law and the ’94 Clinton gun ban.  He based his campaign for Manhattan DA entirely upon his gun control record.  He hadn’t tried a case in like 20 years so it’s not as if he could base it on his extensive legal experience.

He spent the last year on the campaign trail talking about gun control.  He raised over a million dollars for his campaign.  He had more endorsements than either of his opponents including ones from Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, State Senators Eric Schneiderman and Eric Adams, Assemblypersons Jonathan Bing, Deborah Glick, Richard Gottfried, Brian Kavanagh, Daniel O’Donnell, Linda Rosenthal and Michelle Schimel, the Brady Campaign, Gun Free Kids, Million Mom March and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence.  The Brady Campaign donated $1000.  NYAGV founder Barbara Hohlt and current mouthpiece Jackie Hilly each made personal campaign contributions.

Aborn repeatedly attacked the NRA and accused them of being out to get him.  He attacked opponent Cy Vance for a small campaign donation he made years ago to a politician in Seattle who just so happened to be pro-gun.  He sent out a mailer of him shaking hands with Bill Clinton, implying Clinton endorsed Aborn, which pissed Clinton off because he didn’t.  Aborn attacked the R&P and thought it was funny we would tell members to vote against him.  He finished up by making a last minute personal loan of $50,000 to his campaign.

The end result?

Aborn had his butt kicked up and down the boro.  He didn’t just lose; he came in dead last with only a quarter of the votes.  He did so badly it should damage the creditability of those who endorsed him because a solid majority of Manhattan Democrats wanted nothing to do with him or his agenda.

Lazio preps for gubernatorial bid

The Daily Politics reports Rick Lazio will formally announce he’s running for Governor next week.  Whoopie.  Let’s examine what he’s got going for his campaign:

Strengths: He’s not Rudy.

Weaknesses: He’s Rick Lazio.

That about sums things up.

Aborn Q&A

More Rudy rumors

Fred Dicker writes on the latest Rudy rumors:

“Top state Republicans will urge former Mayor Rudy Giuliani to abandon his interest in running for governor and run instead against unelected US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand …”

Give it a rest already.  His presidential bid was a farce and his bid to take over the NYGOP flopped.  People do not want him.

“… The GOP’s pitch to Giuliani is expected to include the claim that the party’s only hope for a resurgence in New York is to pick up several “secondary” statewide offices, such as senator and state comptroller … Polls have repeatedly shown Giuliani … to be the Republicans’ strongest potential statewide contender for governor …”

And that’s not saying much.

The state GOP’s only real hope for a resurgence is to dump the RINOs, party hacks and politicians who ran the party into the ground in the first place including Rudy, Pataki, Mondello, etc. Good things will not happen for the NYGOP until these people are purged.  After that the reformation can begin.

Comptroller primary poll

The latest poll data I could find for the Comptroller race has John Liu at 25%, Melinda Katz at 24%, David Yassky at 21% and David Weprin at 10%.

Manhattan primary poll

The Daily News has the latest poll data on the Manhattan D.A. race:  Cy Vance is at 30%, Leslie Crocker Snyder at 24% and Richard Aborn at 15%.

NRA’s Mayors mailing

Turns out the Roefaro mailing is just one of many NRA is doing against MAIG members.  Middletown NRA members got one too and I’m guessing they went out to all members living in MAIG districts across the country.  The “orange cards” urge members to contact their mayors and urge them to drop out of the coalition.

Hillary for Governor?

Sean Hannity just said on his radio show that Hillary may step down as Secretary of State to run for Governor of New York next year.


Roefaro mailing

NRA is taking at shot at Utica Mayor David Roefaro.  The Observer-Dispatch reports:

“Members of the National Rifle Association and the administration of Mayor David Roefaro verbally fired back and forth Wednesday, after an NRA mailer targeting the mayor showed up in some city mailboxes. The mailer focused on the Roefaro’s involvement of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” … “They claim they are for illegal guns, yet every single one of their proposals goes after law-abiding gun-owners,” said NRA spokesman Andrew Arulandam …”

The Mayor’s response is amusing:

“… “Andrew’s obviously speaking on behalf of an organization that has lost touch with not only the roots of the second amendment but also the roots of public safety,” said Roefaro …”

Roefaro is up for re-election in ’11.

Tomorrow’s agenda

Still no gun bills on the agenda for tomorrow’s special Senate session.  TU has an updated listed of bills posted.